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Twitter and Facebook are purging Conservatives, Independents and Libertarians at a break neck speed.  I will share my recent experience with Facebook in a later post.

The Mad Jewess has been shadow banned and had her Twitter account suspended on more than one occasion.  Free speech is non-existent on Twitter (and Facebook) unless one is a Progressive.

The Mad Jewess

The Mad Jewess Suspended From Twitter Again.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2009. I have been suspended over and over again. Locked out, you name it. About 3 people actually cared about my suspension and even if they did care, Twitter has me on a shadowban & no one can see any of my tweets anyway..I’ve been banned from one blog after the next, left off of blogs, my blog not linked to other “Conservative” blogs for years. I am the ‘black sheep’ of the pseudo “Conservative” assholes.


I must be awfully powerful if they shadow-banned me…Of course, Left wing “Jews” can’t have right wing Jews speaking out too loudly.. So, they make sure I am not heard because they are evil.

A lot of Tweeters are tweeting me the usual nothingness that does not matter in this world. I can still see Tweets.. Most Conservative Tweeters only care about their celeb status. I only cared that I was truthful and got in the face of leftists who are destroying the west. I tried to do this without breaking Commie Twitter’s rules[…]

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Although no longer on twitter, you can follow the The Mad Jewess on Gab.ai under her handle: @MadJewessWoman. [By the way, yours truly is also on Gab.ai and you can find me here, @PUMABydesign.]