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Our friend and patriot, Vassar Bushmills does it again.  Enjoy.

Unified Patriots by VassarBushmills


I’ve been saying for years that this war can only end one way, especially since it became apparent the political establishment had no taste for ending it at all. Once again, the People simply took the matter into their own hands, and now a proper majority is in charge, and, as they say, “Game on”.

Maybe it has to happen this way, but for some years now objective observers, independent of political bias, could have stepped back and analyzed this as a likely outcome if the political class continued to do things that were predictable for them to do. By connecting the several dots in a string of logic eventually these incompatible forces would have to collide in a battle of unknown duration, a fight that would continue, in Clausewitz’s words, by political means and “other means”, until there was only one side left standing.

I think Rush Limbaugh had always known this but was never able to say it publicly until recently. But it’s clear that many fine men and women in the political world can never allow themselves to think the unthinkable, that a state of civil war could exist in America. Yet here it is, at our feet, and yes, in the sense that you can say people exercising their right to vote started a war, we started it.

Now we must deal with it in a way we have never had to before.

So we have a civil war staring at us, and as other wars in the past, we will be restrained in ways the other side may not be. We have rules, they don’t. There may be punches thrown, already have, in fact, where, as usual, we only throw the second, with only one of two exceptions, one, a 75 year old man bloodying the nose of a 21 year old paid rabble rouser at a political rally. I considered that a bloody nose justified.

And I fully expect shots to be fired and blood spilled. But so far, because of our adult temperament, and despite all manner of pushing and teasing and encouragement to lash out first, we haven’t.

I think we will be rewarded for our restraint, especially now that the vast array of law enforcement resources in the country represent us and not them. I’m grateful that our side is now up on the horses, for if the Left were up there, there would be no second thought about casualties…no one to prevent them or minimize them, even no one to report them.

The election itself changed entirely the “mathematics” of the Playbook the Leftwing alliance will use in trying to derail our mission of returning the government to the People.

In the space of 2000 words, I can’t lay out the breadth of this realization here. There is much to consider, especially considering the frame of mind of the adversaries on the one hand, and whether our “hearts are in the trim” for this battle, on the other.

This is just the Introduction as to how they came by that Playbook and who their constituent players are, for in battle, we have to address each differently.

I see the battle lines drawn this way:

On one side, a Left-Democrat Party-Media Axis (I like “Axis”) whose troops are drawn from both the poorest of neighborhoods and some of the most affluent, along with associated Hessian-like mercenaries, including battalions of illegals, all backed by some sort of pay arrangement from unknown paymasters.

You will not find in the Axis armies many soldiers who will voluntarily place themselves at bodily risk. For 45 years they have been trained around the country to know how to lay down as a limp rag, so that it requires 2-3 cops to load them into the paddy wagons, or to screech bloody murder in the holding tank, making their jailors anxious to get them out, so then, in a few hours, they can be back out on the street, on a bond they have no intention of honoring, then back on the bus that brought them to take them back to their original rallying point.

It’s for this, on the annual Feast of the DC Protest, that they will roll of their sleeves and show the bruise where the cop grabbed them too tightly, that will emblemize the heroism of their sacrifice. They really hadn’t been trained to expect, fend off, or counter, that unsuspecting right cross, or the aforementioned forearm shiver from a 75-year old cowboy.

(As time goes on, expect this to change.)

You’ve already seen the red-blue maps, the Axis controlling, by acreage, less than 20% of the United States and perhaps as much as 35% of the American population. How many are actually able-bodied in the taking-to-the-street sense we do not yet know. But we do know they have great strength in many of America’s institutions; the public schools and university systems, the rank-and-file of federal and state bureaucracies, (albeit under new management), and perhaps as many as 50% of the federal courts. They are a formidable force, especially if they can knock you down with a writ.

Their field marshal(s) are as yet unnamed; a troika or central committee? A commissariat? All we know is that it ain’t Hillary or Bill. And probably not even Barack, except maybe as an advising consultant and possibly an in-waiting El Supremo, should an open position arise that requires a figurehead…but only if the risks to personal safety aren’t too, well, risky.

On the other side, arrayed against this Axis front is a firm (so far) grand alliance, the Allies, (another name I like) composed of the majority of adult working Americans, the majority of law enforcement organizations in America (with some exceptions, as we will soon see), the military, should things really get out of hand, the Republican Party base of every stripe, there by disposition, and finally some talk of the Republican Party Establishment, who, I think we should still consider as straddling the fence until we can determine whether Axis fire can be brought to bear that will be able to wilt their resolve

(In the Battle of Stalingrad, the Soviets brought in fresh, barely-trained troops by rail, and ran them straight from the rail-head to the front line of fighting, ordering them without pause into wave attacks against a hail of fire from German positions. A Communist Party cadre leader there, named Nikita Khrushchev, actually outranking the Red Army general on many tactical aspects, ordered Soviet troops to set up machine guns to mow down soldiers who turned and ran under the withering German fire. No one still knows who killed more Russian soldiers in that battle. I just thought this might be a good time to bring that up.)


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