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THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!  Fascist Andrew Cuomo has his sights set on the 2020 presidential election and so he is courting the Muslim vote by selling New York State down river.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Spread this around. I couldn’t believe it when I read it so I checked it myself and you can too on this link. The madmen in the New York Senate declared yesterday as Hijab Day.

LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION memorializing Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to proclaim February 1, 2017, as Hijab Day in the State of New York.

This is one of the reasons immigrants don’t adapt to a Western culture. The liberals/leftists don’t want them to, they want us to adapt to them.

No matter what anyone tells you, the hijab is foreign, it’s not American. It’s fine if immigrants want to wear them and call it religious, but dedicating a day to something that represents the diminishment of women is not acceptable to real feminists.

It’s not Islamaphobia to forego promoting the wearing of the hijab. Did anyone demand we wear or honor Saris when East Indians came to the U.S.? This is to promote the lie that Islamophobia is growing under Trump.

What’s wrong with the hijab for American women

The hijab shows modesty according to Arabs in America. They say women choose to wear it to show modesty or their devotion to God and still others wear it to show their Muslim identity. Whether they choose to or not is an open question.

Female hair is considered awra (an intimate part of the body that must be covered by clothing) in much of Islam. There is no such requirement for men.

The Quran mandates hijab (literally “cover”) for both men and women though men have largely abandoned the practice[…]

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