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EDITOR’S NOTE: The double standards that has ensued over the past eight years, the demands for tolerance from the intolerant and the divisiveness forced upon us by Progressives who now want to pin discord sewn by the left on our 45th president and non-Progressives was on clear display the past few days and I have no doubt played out in school districts across the United States during Friday’s inaugural proceedings.

Missouri Education Watchdog by Gretchen Logue

January 20, 2017 was the inauguration of the 45th President. Whether or not you supported President Trump, it is remarkable that an inauguration has occurred every four years since 1789. (Here are a few interesting facts about some Presidential inaugurations). Yesterday’s inauguration included Missourians prominently participating in the ceremony. From The St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Senator Roy Blunt, the first Missourian to chair the Joint Congressional Committee on Inauguration Ceremonies since Congress took over the ceremonies in 1901 and a chorale from Missouri State University sang one of the musical numbers.

Flyover country usually garners little exposure on a national stage and Missouri participation in yesterday’s ceremony should be a history lesson, especially for Missouri students ….or maybe not. A Missouri teacher sent a report on how this inauguration was covered in her school district which is located in a conservative voting district:

Inauguration Day 2017

What a difference eight years make. In January 2009, our superintendent encouraged all teachers to show the presidential inauguration since every election is an historic event and as educators, we need to set good examples by allowing our students to experience the swearing in of our president as part of their civic duty. Those of us on the conservative side of politics were basically told to do the right thing and allow the kids to watch since every swearing in is American history in the making. As good conservatives, we showed up to teach our classes that day like we did every day. Except this wasn’t an ordinary day. The entire school was whipped into a frenzy and we were told we had an all school assembly in the gym to watch it as a building.

About two hours before the swearing in, all 800 students were ushered into the gymnasium and told to sit quietly while teachers tried to stream the inauguration events on two giant mobile SMART boards. It was a sight I will never forget! Teachers and staff alike were eagerly attempting to hear the events on phones, mp3’s, and old school transistor radios! Never mind paying attention to the kids, this was history. As the entire school waited in anticipation of the swearing in, the time was fast approaching and the wheel of death was still spinning on the SMART board. Apparently, MSNBC was overwhelmed with demand for the event and we couldn’t log on! Panic had set in, and common sense went out the window. In less than 10 minutes, Barack Obama would be sworn in as president[…]

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