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More vile racists, during an anti-Trump protest of Communists many of whom are in this country illegally attacking Caucasians, i.e., “the white man” levying allegations of oppression and racism while themselves espousing racist attacks and pushing an ideology that is the poster child for oppression, death and despair.

The woman speaking in the video is Jackson Hollingsworth, president of the local Uhuru Solidarity Committee.  Hollingsworth is a self-loathing white female.  Not sure what she sees though when looking in the mirror.

Published on Jan 20, 2017 by Patriot Fire

Jackson Hollingsworth, president of the local Uhuru Solidarity Committee, delivers a revolutionary racialist rant against white people at a protest against Trump on Inauguration Day in Chicano Park in San Diego. She demands ethnic cleansing of whites from the American continent. Oddly, she is a white person, herself.

The Uhuru Solidarity Committee has been described as a “political cult.” It is an organization for extremely self-hating, white people.


Chicano Park is a La Raza site, where Chicanos openly claims the Southwestern United States as its national homeland, called “Aztlan,” in the murals and by speakers. That the Chicanos (Mexicans) own Aztlan is a fundamental part of the Chicano ideology.

Chicano Park was designated a National Historical Monument in January, 2017. This was done by yet another illegal executive decree by the Obama administration, since the bill to consider awarding the status had died in Congress.

H/t Robert Trent.