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The harder Progressives try to link president-elect, Donald J. Trump to the likes of Benito Mussolini or Adolf Hitler, the deeper they step in their own manure as is the case of Sabine Heinlein, an arm  of the Daily Beast’s propaganda machine intended to forewarn Americans about the shameless perils that is sure to befall in non-politically correct America under soon to be President Trump.

Heinlein, after all should know, because she hails from Germany and Germans speak their minds when you drop a gum-wrapper on the ground instantaneously demanding that you pick it up followed by a good scolding and Germans who demanded that her American boyfriend remove his towel while in a sauna other overheated, sweaty Germans because others (Germans in attendance) are not wearing a towel.

The same Germans mind you who will not stand up and speak up against Muslim invaders who rape their wives, daughters, sisters, mothers and sons because to do so is Islamaphobic.  So, what the hell can she say to Americans about Donald Trump that won’t end with Heinlein putting her foot in her mouth?

Washington Examiner by T. Becket Adams

…if this is the fear of the incoming president, it’s self-defeating to advocate a form of resistance that is itself fascistic.

Consider, for example, a recent Daily Beast op-ed by Sabine Heinlein, who claims her experience growing up in post-Nazi Germany has given her a unique insight into America’s current political landscape.

‘In Germany, we were taught over and over again that Hitler came to power because ordinary people were afraid to stand up and speak out. Americans could stand to learn that lesson now,’ she wrote.

She continued, ‘I am beyond frustrated that we’re stuck with a president who, just like Adolf Hitler, despises refugees, intellectuals, journalists, women and non-Christians….’

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Trump? Hitler? The war on women? The media? Non-Christians, meaning Muslims who are at war with every group that Heinlein, a delusional Progressive moron mentions in her propaganda piece.

Whatever point that Heinlein hoped to make was, at this point, rendered invalid.

Miss Clueless from Germany tops her propaganda piece off with the following paragraph:


I have plenty of problems with Germany, but its people’s willingness to speak their minds and stand up for others isn’t one of them. Whatever you do, in Germany the public good trumps your individual desires. While I think demanding someone to drop their towel might be taking things a step too far, I also think that there is a lesson to be learned…



One would think that by the time, Heinlein re-read the above paragraph, she would have thought to herself, “did I say that?” or “oh, wait…”

Nope, the balance of the article continues on the same path.  Not knocking Europe or even Germany but if the rest of Europe or Germany are of the same mindset as Heinlein, Europe is screwed especially if being “a good German” means saying nothing while one’s family members and loved ones are maimed, murdered and raped by Muslim invaders.

As for suggesting that Americans “be a good German,” tell that to globalists, I like being an American, an outspoken American about my liberties, the future of our country and everything else of which the global elites disapprove.

(h/t Mark Hemingway)

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