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And starting with Black America who at once began taking racist, D. L. Hughley apart over Twitter over his insensitive and racist tweet regarding the death of American icon/actress and very much beloved by all, Debbie Reynolds who died Wednesday, just 24 hours after the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher.

Hughley who somewhere along the way outed himself as not just a half-assed comedian but a card-carrying member of the Barack Obama propaganda club that spews 24/7 hateful anti-white, anti-Republican propaganda posted the following statement:

“Debbie Reynolds died a day after her daughter did! Black Mama’s don’t die cuz they kids do!They cry and say God don’t make no mistakes!”

As stated by Wayne Dupree:

Yes, Hughley will hide behind the comedian title but that’s who he is on the inside. He’s a racist piece of trash that gets away with hiding behind the comedy shield while throwing darts at white Republicans, but this tweet had a lot of negative responses:

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Dead on, D. L. Hughley is vile, hateful elitist trash. His tweet, of which at once went viral was in poor taste inducing an immediate backlash, something of which I am sure Hughley did not expect.

Well maybe Hughley anticipated outrage from the “right,” or “alt-right,” or “whites,” as Hughley would (will) surely play it (because that is who he is)[i] but he never saw Black America coming.

Propagandists will come to Hughley’s rescue. Case in point the following tweet, article of which should be appropriately entitled, “And so the spin begins….”

As of this posting, the backlash continues from people of all ethnicities and political ideologies. No free rides.

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[i] D. L. Hughley and other race baiting Black celebrities ignore the fact that it is White America that opened the door for their success. Just saying.