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Obama Angry

Barack Obama is low. He is taking this election so personal that he has committed himself to scuttling the next four or eight years of president-elect, Donald J. Trump’s Make America Great Again policies.

Even if it results in the further destruction of the American workforce, American families and the future of our children, everything that Americans hold dear means nothing to Barack Obama, Michelle “hope is lost” Obama and their global elitist pigs.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Barack Obama is staying in D.C. to launch a four-year attack on Donald Trump with a war chest he is currently building. At the same time, right-wing news will be squashed under the jackboot of the hard left.

Ed Klein told Mike Hegseth of Fox News that Barack Obama is setting up a shadow government to undermine Trump from Inauguration Day and we shouldn’t be fooled by Obama claiming he’s smoothing Trump’s transition.

“For the past 100 years every president who is outgoing has packed up his stuff,” Klein said, “gone home and not criticized his successor. This is not what the Obamas are planning to do. They rented an eight-bedroom mansion in the section of Washington near Joe Lockhart, Bill Clinton’s last press secretary. In that house there’s enough room for Valerie Jarrett and Michelle and the kids. A place for ten cars to park. They are setting up what they are calling a shadow government.”

Hegseth said that the Obamas claim it is because the children want to stay in D.C..

Klein said, “That’s not the real reason they are staying there. They are staying there because despite what the president said in his press conference, he’s in a sense of outrage over this incoming Trump Administration, which he thinks is going to wipe out his legacy[…]

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In a nutshell, what Obama has up his sleeve is TREASON.