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Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question : How Should  The Left’s Censorship And Phony  ‘Fake News’ Labeling Be Fought?

The Razor : The Left will corrupt whatever they get their hands on. We left them alone on college campuses and they’ve turned them into indoctrination camps. From there it was an easy jump to journalism, a profession that was once shunned by degree holders, one that has since become corrupted into propaganda organs by leftists.

The defense of liberty requires constant vigilance. We must push back and sometimes punch back twice as hard wherever the Left resides. Breitbart and Drudge have allowed us to take back journalism, and the Left’s “fake news” meme proves that what we’ve done is working. It’s also kind of fun given the track record of the MSM pedaling fake news stories. Truth is the Left isn’t very good at inventing facts which makes our jobs a little easier. Still we need to fight this battle or risk losing everything.

We are battling for America’s soul, and so are they. Too much is at stake for us to give them a pass. We must fight them and hit them back twice as hard.

Don Surber: Answer? With mockery

JoshuaPundit : This is as comically Orwellian as it gets – the corrupt media outlets that were caught collaborating with the Democrats and trafficking in fake news and censorship now deciding who to label ‘fake news?’

Still I have to give them credit for interesting tactics. Not only have the social media Kommisars knuckled under to the Germanswie typisch!– and agreed to follow EU-style fascist speech codes, they have put together a common database to share so they can censor and remove anything critical of Islam, the EU, criticism of government ‘refugee’ policies or crimes  committed by those  refugees, criticism of EU governments in general, militant feminism, and pretty much anything promoting conservative ideology.

Now, tis has been taken it even further. Facebook has announced that it’s going to hire ‘fact checkers’ to examine any news submitted to them. And anything the Left wants to label ‘fake news will not only have a prominent tag saying ‘disputed’ but a link to these ‘fact checkers’ debunking it. Anyone s trolling on behalf of George Soros or the DNC for Right wing news items on Facebook will be able to flag whatever they want, after which it will be tagged disputed,  with an additional warning whenever anyone is about about to share a link and a link to their ‘fact checkers’  so-called debunking.

And who are the ‘fact checkers?’ Hard line ultra-Left partisan operatives working for sites like Snopes and Politifact, who have both been busted for peddling outright lies for The Cause numerous times.

But wait, there’s more.

It really bothered the Leftist media that Donald trump was able to bypass them completely using Twitter to communicate directly with the American people. originally, there was a real movement to ban him from Twitter, but for obvious reasons they realized that might backfire. So instead, the Washington Post has now created a browser extension on Google Chrome that allows people to ‘fact check’ Trump’s tweets right in the tweet itself. Here’s what it looks like:


‘Learn more’ goes to agit prop written by the WAPO’s own ‘fact checkers.’ Who of course would never have done anything like this to Barack Hussein Obama during his 8 years of lies and disinformation.

So, how to fight this? The same way you fight any propaganda in wartime, because make no mistake, that’s exactly what this is. First, you mock and punk the enemy, trolling lefty content and flagging it to overload the corrupt system. You expose exactly what they’re doing using platforms like Drudge and Breitbart among others. You respond to the ‘responses’ with cold facts and make them look ridiculous.

It’s fun! And a lot of people who used to take them seriously don’t anymore.

And as necessary, you starve to beast. You don’t buy from Amazon and let them know why. You don’t click on the WAPO’s links or read their content. You kick them in the wallet.

These are private companies who depend on profit to survive. Once they see in a year or so that this is costing them, they are very likely to change if they want to survive. And of course, we can start using other platforms.

Twitter, for example, has a rival called Gab.ai that’s dedicated to free speech. It’s up and running right now. They have about 500,000 users plus and are growing rapidly, you get 300 characters instead of 140 and you can even post from Gab to Twitter if you want. It works quite well but needs some additional doodads and tweaks to become a true social media giant (yes, I sent them a few suggestions. You all know what a pest I am).

I see this as a golden opportunity to do what was always needed, to marginalize the Left and fully defeat their ideology. They’re not going to have it their own way anymore.

Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason: We need to fight the left’s disinformation agenda and the mainstream media with the TRUTH. It would be ideal if they were required to have disclaimers, such as “this report is not necessarily the complete or even partial truth and deception and/or omissions may have occurred due to the bias of the reporter.” Sadly that will never happen. It would be different if we had a state run media like they have in socialist and communist countries, where the people know they are being told only what the State wants them to know. But we are fighting an “independent” media so entrenched with the left whose primary directive is to shield and hide the truth from the general populace in their effort to advance a communist agenda, all the while pretending to be fair and balanced.

In addition, it is imperative we educate our youth to learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think. They should question everything, as seeking knowledge is the only way to discover the truth. For too long we have neglected our primary responsibility to educate our children and instead have allowed the progressives to indoctrinate them with socialist ideology. We will never change the media unless we foster conservative values and principles in our children and young adults and arm them with the truth so they can stand up to the bullying, name calling, and other deplorable tactics of the left.

I do not like the idea of limiting the press in any way, as any censorship laws can easily be used against anyone. In the end it’s up to us to call them out on their lies wherever we see them. We in the conservative media must keep challenging the narrative and speaking and writing the truth.

I believe this presidential election proved the majority of Americans have awakened and are well aware of the corrupt media and their lies. The media and progressive pundits are on the defensive now more than ever as they have been exposed for being corrupt, racist, bigoted and divisive. It should be quite an interesting new few years.

Stately McDaniel Manor : Individual responses to “fake news’ labeling are pretty easy. Fight back, at WoW, and every other honest website. Expose media and Democrat lies, and bury them under an avalanche of truth. Point out every lie the media has ever done–Brian Williams, exploding pickup gas tanks, doctored George Zimmerman tapes, Doctored Katie Kouric anti-gun interviews, etc.–and above all, mock them mercilessly. Expose them as the partisan liars they are, and above all, remind them, over and over, virtually no one believes anything they say.

Of course, this may be accented by simply ignoring everything they have to say unless it is to punch back twice as hard. They do fear loss of revenue.

President Trump can continue to do what he has already done: go around the media in every way possible, and if Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites ban the truth, Mr. Trump can, I’m sure, invest in a new social media company that welcomes the truth and shuts out progressive propaganda and lies. He certainly has a great many wealthy conservative friends.

What’s that you say? That would be censorship? We’d be no better than progressives?

Wake up! We’re fighting for the preservation of the Constitution against an enemy that long ago recognized us as their enemy. Besides, if it’s my social media site, I don’t have to publish anything I don’t want to publish. The Constitution doesn’t require me to publish content that will drive away my readers. It’s not like progressives don’t own every other social media site on the Internet, is it now? They already have plenty of other places to lie.

In effect, we should adopt one of Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals: make progressives live up to their own rules and tactics. It’ll be like holy water to a vampire.

Well, there it is!

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