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You may have noticed these past few weeks that Barack Obama is not handling President-elect, Donald J. Trump’s transition period very well.

Since Election Day, Obama has been resentful of the attention given Trump despite the abundance of strategically choreographed fake news courtesy of the media’s puppet masters.

Jake Tapper said months ago that Donald Trump was living rent-free in Obama’s head. Six months later and one month after the election, it has become worst.  Barack Obama is crude, arrogant, condescending, full of ill-will toward the President-elect and his supporters, appears to be plotting against the president-elect, what is good for the nation, psychotic and his mannerism, unpresidential.

As such, I could only wish that I were a fly on the wall when Obama found out that the president-elect was attending Saturday’s annual Army-Navy game.

According to Breitbart News, on Saturday Trump, our Commander-in-Chief-in-waiting was met by the sound of a roaring crowd as he entered the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

Breitbart News by Matthew Boyle

“…Yesterday was the first day of Donald Trump’s presidency. It was Reagan-esque in that it grasped the importance of symbolism,’ David Urban, a West Point graduate and senior adviser to the president-elect’s campaign whose box Trump sat in for the first half, told Breitbart News. ‘Donald Trump not only understood the significance of the Army-Navy game and all it stands for in America, but he understands those visual images of him standing with the men and women of the armed services are seen across the world by our friends and enemies alike….”


In the meantime, Obama continues to go LOW.


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