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Montel Williams in an exchange with patriot/blogger A. P. Dillon on Twitter went low, very low when he responded to A.P. with a veiled suggestion that she commit suicide.

Inexcusable and hypocritical considering that Williams credits himself with spearheading the care and well-being of our veterans; and even if he did not, his tweeted response to A.P. was demeaning and unwarranted.

Lady Liberty 1885 by Liberty Speaks

Hypocrisy is a dish that at best has no intellectual nutritional value, and at worst poisons all future meals you wish to serve in my opinion. It is something that should never be brought to the table and if presented as a viable sustenance, should be called out for the weak minded feed slop that it is.

That being said, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out a 140 character piece of swill that Montel Williams tweeted out to not only the founder of this blog, but my friend and mentor A. P. Dillon after she criticized one of his Tweets..


In a stunning move of validation to the lack of grace comment, Mr. Williams sent out this

Oh so filled with grace don’t ya think?

This coming from a man who has long been an advocate for Veterans suicide prevention, who has challenged Senators for not supporting legislation that address’s the issue, and who has lectured others in the past for “joking” about suicide on Twitter[…]

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