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UPDATE:  Media propagandists are distracting Americans with fake news surrounding the collusion of failed 2016 presidential candidates Jill Stein of the Green Party with fellow loser Hillary Clinton.

Not much is being said about what I believe is the true intent of the nefarious deeds of these two hags.

Timing is suspect and intentional.

Stein, a pawn for Hillary and George Soros who are pulling her puppet strings is suddenly in place to sue/push for recounts in Wisconsin and Michigan which will begin Thursday.

Stein is working to force Pennsylvania’s hand as well while Hillary Clinton remains in the background is simply going along for the ride.  Yeah, right.

Fake News pushing the talking point: “what’s everyone so worked up about?”

As they have done for the past 16 months, Communist fake news sites continue to use twisted talking points to mock Donald Trump and his supporters.  A favorite: Why are Trump and his supporters so worked up over the recount efforts?

Where do we begin?

For starters and as mentioned below, Jill Stein began her fundraising efforts in the middle of last week (two weeks after the 2016 presidential election) intentionally throwing a wrench into the process.


Above amount raised as of 3:15 p.m. 11/29/2016

Stein who continues to rake in the $$$$ is asking for a “hand recount” while fully cognizant that:

  • she had already missed Pennsylvania’s deadline to file for a recount by 48 hours,
  • Stein would also sue if necessary for a recount in Pennsylvania, Michigan, who as it so happens just 24 hours ago, certified Trump the winner and Wisconsin. (Note:  Michigan has already recounted its votes for Stein will force them to repeat the recount.)
  • the recount must be completed by December 9th to be certified by December 13th, six days before the electors meet on December 19th.
  • if Pennsylvania, Michigan and/or Wisconsin misses the deadline, their electoral votes would be nullified.

Considering that Wisconsin’s 2011 statewide election recount of 1.5 million ballots took a month to complete, the possibility exists that with twice as many ballots to be recounted this time around, Wisconsin might miss the deadline.  Stein and Clinton would have been aware of this fact.

If Wisconsin misses the deadline, Trump would lose 10 Electoral College votes down to 296 but according to the Inquisitr:

But two other states, Michigan and Pennsylvania, where Stein plans to demand a recount could cause even more severe turmoil.-

Turmoil meaning that if all three states missed the December 13th deadline as required by federal law, the president-elect would find himself below the 270 electoral votes.

Electors from those states could meet on December 19 regardless, to cast their votes. But in that case, the legitimacy of those votes would likely face legal challenges, before Congress officially counts and finalizes the votes on January 6.

Clinton remains at 232, so if the three states all miss the recount deadline, no candidate would possess the required majority and the election would be thrown to the House of Representatives to decide, with each state delegation receiving one collective vote. The last time that happened was 1824, when the House picked John Quincy Adams over Andrew Jackson, even though Jackson won the popular vote

NEXT – The Distraction.

As reported by American Thinker,

Our good friend Richard Baehr believes this is all about making Mr. Trump illegitimate, especially in the minds of liberals who just can’t believe how the movie ended at 2 A.M. when Pennsylvania spoiled it. After all, some of them  were apparently popping champagne on their way to the Clinton headquarters.

The real problem with recounts is that they don’t change results or explain the sorry state of the Democrat Party….

Crooked Hillary Clinton that the spoils of the 2016 presidential election was hers for the taking as do her supporters, a Democratic Party, Democratic in name only that on Election Day in a matter of a few hours found itself in shambles.  Throw George Soros and the many foreign entities who funded Clinton’s campaign and foundation into the mix and to ignore their malicious intent will be to our own peril.

H/t Thomas Wictor via Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit.

What are the odds that Sick Hillary in 2016 is pushing for a 2020 run?  Good luck with that.


Wisconsin filed, Jill Stein Missed Pennsylvania Recount Deadline by One Week

Green Party’s 2016 presidential candidate, Jill Stein, missed the filing date in Pennsylvania to launch a voter recount by one week….INTENTIONALLY.

Stein initiated a fundraising blitz for the past six days to acquire funds needed to file for a recount of votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Stein raised in four days, $6,369,880.88, nearly double the figure raised during her presidential campaign.

Alleging that it is about election integrity, Stein’s attorney filed suit in Pennsylvania on behalf of 100 petitioners to force the recount. Under Pennsylvania state law, three voters in each precinct must submit a signed affidavit requesting a recount of votes in their precinct.


Lawrence Otter, a lawyer for Stein’s campaign, said individual voters were filing petitions with boards of elections in several counties across the state seeking recounts in their precincts. Voters had already done so in Philadelphia, and Otter said they were expected to do so in Bucks County as well later Monday.

According to the Department of State, there were 9,163 voting precincts in Pennsylvania during the 2016 election. So Stein would need over 27,000 voters to file notarized affidavits, but it’s unclear if that avenue is even still available[…]

Read full article

Election integrity, the integrity of a sworn affidavit filed by Stein and Clinton supporters to force a recount means nothing to those without honor. It appears that Stein who filed for a state-wide recount in Wisconsin this past Friday is intent on creating chaos during President-elect, Donald J. Trump’s transition, even worse steal the White House.  TIMING IS SUSPECT.

As posted on Stein’s Recount2016 website is the following:

Today’s new requests for recounts in precincts across Pennsylvania comes amid an unprecedented outpouring of small donations for the effort from across the country. After opening a fundraising drive on November 23, Stein’s campaign has raised $6.5 million toward a goal of $7 million to cover the recount costs. The funds have come from over 137,000 donors with a $46 average donation. The recount funds are being held in a dedicated account, separate from Stein’s Presidential campaign treasury, and will be used to pay for all costs associated with the recounts, including required payments to states, lawyers, volunteer recruitment and other technical assistance….

137,000 donors? Average donation of $46? Who are they?

Stein’s campaign has issued a call for volunteers to observe the recounts in Wisconsin and Michigan and to submit affidavits requesting recounts in Pennsylvania. To volunteer, interested individuals should contact the campaign at http://jill2016.com

While everyone says that there is no direct proof of election fraud but anyone may submit an affidavit stating otherwise. Something stinks.

The recount effort is non-partisan. Stein’s campaign has reached out to the Trump, Clinton, and Johnson campaigns to discuss the recount effort. The Stein recount effort is not coordinating with any other campaign, but other campaigns have indicated they will observe the process. “We welcome the participation of any campaign that wishes to observe the recounts,” said Dr. Stein.

Stein recount effort is not coordinating with any other campaign — Not true. Talk about wordplay. The Clinton campaign has jumped on the bandwagon. Both are colluding to overturn the president-elect’s victory, i.e., the voter’s choice.

While direct evidence of vote tampering or irregularities can only surface through a recount or an audit, experts say the possibility of hacking voting machines of all kinds provide reason for concern. This year sophisticated hackers targeted the voter registration systems of 20 states and got into at least two, Illinois and Arizona. State elections offices’ databases were targeted. The DNC was hacked, along with the personal email of a senior Clinton campaign official. Several states saw overvotes and discrepancies between pre-election polling and the final result.

And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you but first, all me to direct you to Independent Sentinel’s post, Hillary Fights Russian Hacking of Voting Machines Not Hooked Up to the Internet and the fact that the CEO’s of the companies responsible for the electronic voting equipment are all Clinton donors and tied to George Soros. See Independent Sentinel’s posts, Nothing to See Here! Soros Is an America-Hating Socialist With Ties to Voting Machines and Oh Good! Soros Friend Could Rig Elections in 16 States.


Check out my post over at my affiliate site, Fox Business, Lisa Kennedy, exposes Jill Stein as Hillary pawn.