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Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden

With just 4 days left until the end of the most bizarre election cycle in American history, Julian Assange continues to drop new bombshell emails from Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta. While the latest ABC / Washington Post poll would suggest that Hillary is starting to open up a slight lead nationally, IBD/TIPP, historically the most accurate polling source, still sees the race a dead heat.

And so, in the final stretch of the presidential race which has just a few days left, Wikileaks continues its ongoing broadside attack against the Clinton campaign with the relentless Podesta dump, by unveiling another 1,749 emails in the latest, Part 29 of its Podesta release, bringing the total emails released so far to exactly 47,275.

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Below are a handful of the goodies that have surfaced since this morning’s Wikileaks release, #Podestaemails29.

Did Barack Obama interfere somehow in the primaries by vetoing legislation last spring that could have boosted Bernie Sanders’ standing during the primaries? Sanders, who was not Obama’s candidate of choice.
A look at email id 45989, subject: RE: Urgent need to talk and for you to act with the WH, suggests that Obama did just that.

Hillary LIED about TPP (Podestaemails28)

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Podestaemails/emailid42386 bragging about driving Republicans crazy re continuous positive media while hiding Hillary Clinton