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From stealing and destroying Support Donald Trump yard signs to keying vehicles with Trump bumper stickers to James Otis taking a pick axe and sledgehammer to Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to political videos shaming children of non-voters.

The latter, I might add is not smart.  Of the many people who have honestly told me that they are sitting this November out, shaming their children over the November elections in any way would not be a wise move whether the shaming is coming from a child or an adult.

Foundation for Economic Education by Walter Olson

This video, “Playground” [YouTube, Facebook] makes quite an impression. It shows a scene of schoolyard bullying but takes the side of the jeering, taunting mob – in the name of voting. It is one of a series of 30 second videos put out by a group calling itself Civic Innovation Works, encouraging a vote in the general election on November 8 and seemingly intended as public service announcements. The others in the series appear to be similar in message, but lacking in this one’s outrageousness (although one does present a fantasy about publicly shaming a non-voter).

On the off chance that Civic Innovation Works was someone’s idea of an elaborate parody I looked them up. I found that Fenton, the well-known progressive/”social change” public relations agency, takes credit for one of the other videos in the series.

So it would look as if they are on the level. It is almost as if they were trying with “Playground” to convince viewers that electoral politics makes people worse.

Amazing.  Progressives could care less about checks and balances. As for bald eagles, to eco-fascists, they are nothing more than collateral damage.

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