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The talking heads who insist that there is no war on law enforcement are either misinformed, spreading disinformation or delusional.

Race baiting Marxist ideologues such as Al Sharpton and company, George Soros the banker, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio, the enablers along with their mainstream media propagandists deny that there is a war on America’s law enforcement while at the same time fomenting anti-police rhetoric coupled with often unfounded allegations of racism and police brutality.

As a result of their disdain for police, funding and/or standing with domestic terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter, the war waged on the streets of America against law enforcement is off the charts and steady rising.

Who to Blame?

A Commentary by Thomas Sowell (excerpt below) rightfully lays the blame at the feet of those generating a poisonous racial atmosphere that has overtaken the nation.

The War on Cops

Chief among those who generate this poisonous atmosphere are career race hustlers like Al Sharpton and racist institutions like the “Black Lives Matter” movement. All such demagogues need is a situation where there has been a confrontation where someone was white and someone else was black. The facts don’t matter to them.,

The same is true of the more upscale, genteel and sophisticated race panderers, including the President of the United States. During his first year in the White House, Barack Obama chastised a white policeman over his handling of an incident with a black professor at Harvard — after admitting that he didn’t know the specific facts….

The media provide the publicity on which career race hustlers thrive. It is a symbiotic relationship, in which turmoil in the streets gives the media something exciting to attract viewers. In return, the media give those behind this turmoil millions of dollars’ worth of free publicity to spread their poison….


The loss of Blue Lives.

Sociopaths Social justice warriors’ intent on bringing chaos to the streets of America hide behind the moniker Black Lives Matter to justify the commission of horrific acts of violence against those who (a) have sworn to “serve and protect” and (b) have the right to return home every night or morning to their loved ones like everyone else.

Palms Springs Police Officer, Lesley Zerebny, age 27 and Police Officer, Jose Gilbert Vega, age 63

Palms Springs Police Officer, Lesley Zerebny, age 27 and Police Officer, Jose Gilbert Vega, age 63

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, the number of police officers shot and killed this year is up 57% from last year. The statistics include the deaths of Palms Springs Police Officer, Lesley Zerebny, age 27 and Police Officer, Jose Gilbert Vega, age 63 shot and killed Saturday October 8, 2016.

Officer Zerebny who had been on the force 18 months was married and the mother of a 4-month old baby and Officer Vega who after 35 years was set to retire in two months’ leaves behind a wife and eight children. Both Officers Zerebny and Vega were shot and killed when responding to a domestic disturbance call.

According to ODMP:

Police Officer Gil Vega and Police Officer Lesley Zerebny were shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance call in the 2700 block of Cypress Road shortly after noon.

A family member from the home had gone to a neighbor’s house and and stated that his son was armed and wanted to shoot police officers. Responding officers, including Officer Vega and Officer Zerebny, arrived at the scene several minutes later. The man inside the home opened fire on them as they approached the front door, killing Officer Vega and Officer Zerebny and wounding a third officer….

Officer Blake Snyder, age 33 of St. Louis County PD

Officer Blake Snyder, age 33 of St. Louis County PD

On October 5, 2017, St. Louis County Police Officer Blake Snyder, age 33 was shot and killed responding to a disturbance that looks more like an ambush.

Officer Snyder and one other officer upon arriving at the scene were “were met with gunfire immediately as they exited their patrol cars. Officer Snyder was shot at point blank and killed instantly. The second officer was able to return fire and wounded the subject. Officer Snyder had served with the St. Louis County Police Department for four years. He is survived by his wife and 2-year-old son.”

Sergeant Steve Owen, age 53 - Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Sergeant Steve Owen, age 53 – Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Twenty-four hours earlier (10/5/2016), Sergeant Steve Owen, age 53 of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department while responding to a call of a burglary in progress.


He was checking the rear of the apartment building when the subject emerged and shot him. The other deputy on scene heard the shooting and ran to the rear of the building, where he found Sergeant Owen wounded. As he rendered aid the suspect attempted to steal Sergeant Owen’s patrol car, but but crashed into a second patrol car as the second deputy attempted to stop him.

The man then fled into a nearby home where he took two teenagers hostage for several hours. As a SWAT team entered the apartment the man fled but was quickly apprehended….

Sergeant Owen who with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for 29 years is survived by his wife and two children.

These murders, correction calculated executions of our law enforcement officers are cold-blooded and senseless.

Below are excerpts from a report prepared by Dr. Ron Martinelli, Forensic Criminologist/Police Expert regarding the war on police that continues to be denied, dismissed and/or rationalized by those with an agenda that by giving free reign to sociopaths best serves their interests.

Why the Best of Us Are Being Killed by the Worst of Us

It is in fact, the age-old battle of good versus evil. Up to date research from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund which keeps daily statistics on law enforcement officers killed and injured nationally documents that as of today, we have had forty-five law enforcement officers feloniously murdered by suspects armed with firearms. This is an amazing 50% increase in the number of all peace officers murdered by armed suspects from last year – and we still have three months to go. If the current officers murdered rate continues, I predict that we will see our first 100% increase in officer homicides in the past seventy years. An absolutely astonishing circumstance….

The Causes of Evil Among Us and How It is Enabled

As a career police officer and a forensic criminologist, I could spend pages eloquently providing you with a professorial dissertation with the socio-criminal causes of crime and violence. However, I’m not going to because in the cases of the overwhelming number of the vile and completely senseless assignations and murders of law enforcement officers, the answers to why such killings of our brave men and women in blue and khaki occur is simple to understand…..

Continue Reading — Why the Best of Us Are Being Killed by the Worst of Us

Less than 24 hours ago, two Boston police officers were wounded in a shootout in Boston, Massachusetts.  The officers while presently recovering in the hospital are in critical condition.

Officer Richard Cintolo and Officer Matt Morris, Boston PD

Officer Richard Cintolo and Officer Matt Morris, Boston PD

Kirk Figueroa, clad in body armor and armed with a tactical shotgun ambushed Boston Police Officers Richard Cintolo and Matt Morris who were responding to a “domestic disturbance” call.  Upon arrival, Figueroa opened fire on the officers shooting them multiple times.

Officers stationed outside the home where the ambush occurred heard the shots, ran inside exchanging fire with the gunman who was eventually killed.

Figueroa, who has a criminal record was a constable. He delivered subpoenas. The position to which Figueroa was sworn in on July 12th did not require a federal background check. On top of it all, Figueroa, a former bounty hunter did not have a license for the firearm. See: 2 Boston police officers wounded by gunman clad in body armor.

Below is the list of this year’s law enforcement fatalities by state followed by the often overlooked K-9 fatalities.

By State

Alabama: 1
Arizona: 1
Arkansas: 2
California: 7
Colorado: 3
Florida: 2
Georgia: 3
Illinois: 3
Indiana: 1
Iowa: 3
Kansas: 3
Louisiana: 8
Maryland: 3
Massachusetts: 2
Michigan: 4
Mississippi: 1
Missouri: 2
New Jersey: 1
New Mexico: 2
New York: 1
North Carolina: 2
North Dakota: 1
Ohio: 4
Oregon: 1
Pennsylvania: 1
Puerto Rico: 3
South Carolina: 1
Tennessee: 5
Texas: 17
Tribal Police: 1
U.S. Government: 4
Utah: 1
Virginia: 3
West Virginia: 1
Wisconsin: 1

By Gender

Male: 94
Female: 5



Average age: 41
Average tour of duty: 13 years, 2 months

K9 Line of Duty Deaths: 29

view Accidental: 1
Asphyxiation: 1
Assault: 1
Automobile accident: 1
Drowned: 1
Gunfire: 7
Gunfire (Accidental): 2
Heat exhaustion: 11
Stabbed: 1
Struck by vehicle: 3

There is a face and a name to each fatality. Two and a half months to go until this year ends. Pray for our law enforcement.

Source: Officer Down Memorial Page.