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crew-2231211By Jim Campbell.

August 29, 2016

Not to fear Don Corleone, you in your day weren’t going up against the Clinton’s who their minions believe to be among the smartest people on the planet.

CqBGOxBUsAACoYuThe Clinton’s are far more ruthless than the Mafia and have likely killed more people during their reign of terror in the U.S.

They are two people of little accomplishment with the exception of their malfeasance in office dating back to Hillary’s terms as First Lady of the Governors Mansion in Little Rock, AR.

In the video below, Lou Dobbs one of the few news commentators with a spine completely eviscerates the Clinton’s and ends with the question is the American electorate deserving of a trump presidency?


When the Clinton’s set up their “Pay to Play” criminal crime foundation they forgot apparently that Al Capone was finally sent to prison over income tax evasion.

This was…

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