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Young Kayla Mueller, a humanitarian aid worker was kidnapped in 2013 after accompanying a friend hired by Doctors without Borders to install communications equipment for a hospital in Aleppo, Syria.

Around the first week of February, 2015, Kayla’s parents received news of their daughter’s death and later upon their request confirmation of Kayla’s death courtesy of the Islamic State, i.e., three photographs of Kayla’s corpse.

In spite of her pleas and that of her family, Doctors without Borders and other organizations informed the family that the responsibility to secure Kayla’s freedom was that of the United States government.

Even more chilling is the statement and lack of remorse by the leadership of Doctors without Borders who blame the 24-year-old for being taken hostage, a fate that ended with her death. – see video below.


It should be noted that Doctors without Borders put others at risk by intentionally dispatching uninformed staffers to the same high risk areas.

Many of the staffers were captured by ISIS and taken hostage, some of whom were women and unknowingly walked into the same trap as Kayla Mueller.  Again, Doctors with Borders shows no remorse.

According to the Muellers, the FBI and the Obama administration who bartered five Taliban leaders for deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, blocked all prospects of ransom to secure their daughter’s freedom threatening the Muellers with prosecution.

Further to his discredit, Barack Obama not only failed the Mueller family and Kayla as he has other American hostages killed by the Islamic State and their families; Obama doubled down when last year during a photo op, cameras rolling, Obama staring into the faces of Kayla’s parents pledged to make  an anonymous charity donation to a foundation in Kayla’s name, i.e., Kayla’s Hands but seventeen months later, fade to black with cameras no longer rolling, Obama has not delivered on the promised donation to the charity foundation named for the 24 year old Christian American who in spite of the hell she was going through, in defense of her faith, stood up to the Islamic State executor who never met a video cam that he didn’t like, the now vaporized Jihadi John.

Daily Mail

Daniel Rye Ottosen, a Danish freelance photographer, recalled how Mueller was paraded in front of the other prisoners as an example by ISIS butcher Jihadi John. 

Ottosen said the terrorist, who real name was Mohammed Emwazi, told the captives: ‘She is much stronger than you guys. She’s much smarter. She converted to Islam.’

Interrupting her captors, Ottosen recalls Kayla saying: ‘No I didn’t.’

He added: ‘I would not have had the guts to say that. I don’t think so. 

‘It was very clear that all of us were impressed by the strength that she showed in front of us. That was very clear….’

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In an excerpt which ran this morning on Good Morning America of an ABC 20/20 Special airing tonight (Friday, 8/26) at 10 p.m., Kayla’s father, Carl Mueller, delivered a message to Obama:  “I’m still waiting for that donation, Mr. President.”

Below is the proof of life video that ISIS sent to the Mueller’s one month after Kayla  was taken hostage followed by this morning’s Good Morning America report.



ABC News always running defense.

First of all, Barack Obama did not go to Arizona to console the Muellers. The PRIMARY purpose of his trip to Phoenix, Arizona was to participate in a round table discussion about how to improve services at VA hospitals. While in Phoenix, Obama met up with the Muellers.

Obama’s speedy trip made for several photo ops along with the fact that 17 months later, the liar in chief (a) has reneged on his pledge to donate to a charity foundation in Kayla Mueller’s name; and (b) nothing has changed at the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Between the endless red tape and constant denial of service, VA hospitals continue to fail our veterans.

Case in point, 76-year-old military veteran, Peter Kaisen who was turned away this past weekend when he sought emergency care at Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Long Island, New York.

Upon denial of treatment, Kaisen returned to his vehicle in the hospital “parking lot outside Building 92, the facility’s nursing home,” where the veteran suffering from mental issues shot himself.

While reports and particulars of Kaisen’s death broke on Thursday’s evening news, Friday morning, a cover up was already in play.


For more information on Kayla’s Hands, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, go here.