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Bill Clinton lashed out at the accusations his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, lied about mishandling classified emails while secretary of state, describing some of the FBI’s response as ‘the biggest load of bull I ever heard.’

On Saturday, Republicans were quick to criticize President Clinton’s characterization of the email scandal, with Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy telling “Fox and Friends”: “He’s just trying to spin Hillary out of trouble, and it doesn’t work”[…]

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Sorry Bill, Hillary Clinton being called out for her mishandling of government emails and then lying about it how many times and like the Energizer bunny, she’s still going is not “the biggest load of bull” you ever heard or that America has ever heard.

I am certain that if Potus 42 backtracked two decades, he’d come up with a freight yard of “bull” similarly debauched during Bill Clinton’s tenure in the Oval Office.

And then the hits just kept coming.

For the record, Billy Boy —

Clinton also said that the system pertaining to the emails classified and non-classified is “too complicated to explain to people,” i.e., stupid American voters.

Regardless of the manipulated polls, the Clintons are obviously feeling the heat.

Senator Rand Paul has resurfaced long enough to call Crooked Hillary out and the special treatment that she is receiving and why the crooked one “should be precluded her from really be considered from serving as commander-in-chief.”


A most deserving fate.