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screenshot donald trump and veteran who gave trump his purple heart

Although not the first time that Barack Obama has said it, last Thursday, Obama dispatched via a televised press conference to the world, one huge dog whistle.

The malignant narcissist who is clearly threatened by a Donald Trump presidency ordained that the 2016 Republican Party nominee is unfit to serve in the office of Commander-in-Chief.  (Party of me believes that Obama was looking in the mirror when he said those words.

Obama then doubled down on the meme by ordering the NeverTrumpers, Republican Party leadership to retract all support behind the 2016 Republican Party presidential nominee (support that they never gave in the first place).

Just the other day, a New York Congressman, Richard Hanna (R-Barneveld) wrote an op-ed announcing that he will vote for Hillary Clinton.

News of a Republican crossing party lines to vote for Clinton spread like wildfire as if Republicans never crossed party lines for any reason before.

The news reports also gave the impression that Republicans were jumping ship en masse.  Not true.

The media failed to mention that Hanna who has made it his business to vote across party lines is a RINO and retiring at year’s end.

Next stop, Chris Christie who it is reported earlier this week said that criticism of Khizr and Ghazala Khan was inappropriate. (Political correctness makes fools out of people.)  Christie has not jumped ship but the mainstream media has at times inferred as much.

CNN, the Hillary propaganda channel, reported Wednesday that Maria Comella, a former aide to Chris Christie is voting for Hillary Clinton who feels that since “Donald Trump’s nomination, Republicans are ‘at a moment where silence isn’t an option.’”

In other words, good Republicans would not vote for Trump.   (NeverTrumpers and their guilt shaming.)  So good that Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson mentioned during a CNN townhall earlier this week that Mitt Romney suggested that an endorsement might be in the offing.” (Who cares!)

In the meantime, GOP pundits, the mainstream media via the air waves, idiot box and social media in collaboration with an army of trolls are hitting Conservative sites, posting content and broadcasting to anyone within earshot that Trump is unfit and therefore, unworthy.

Translation:  Trump is not one of us, he is unworthy, we did not choose him and he is a threat to our gravy train.

D.C. Whispers

Sources indicate a concerted effort is now underway among a group of Establishment Democrats and Republicans to try and convince the American people that Donald Trump is mentally unfit to serve as President of the United States.

It is an effort initiated by Barack Obama himself when he declared during a recent press conference that Mr. Trump was “unfit to serve…”

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The NeverTrumpers and Republican Party leadership in bed with their fellow Progressives on the left have resorted to the use of offensive and inexcusable language in their attacks against Trump on CNN (of course).

What is in play here is full-fledged brainwashing job for those sucking it up even going so far as to start a rumor that Trump might drop out of the election.  They’re all lies.


This war against Donald Trump by NeverTrumpers is also a war being waged against the voters putting front and center the malevolence, insatiability for power and lunacy of the establishment.

Of course, Trump is not a quitter so the next step toward destroying Trump is this so-called intervention clearly intended to be used as a prop when the GOP leadership unleashes its final revolt and takedown of the presidential nominee.

Those members of the GOPe this week announcing that they are crossing over to vote for Hillary Clinton are allowing themselves to be used as propaganda tools against Trump and just in time for the so-called intervention.  Coincidence? Nope!  Do we care about their crossing over to vote for Hillary Clinton?  Nope!  Correction, only the next time they run for office.

The purpose behind the illusion deception intervention which is expected to conveniently occur on the weekend when voters are distracted with other business is to take the illusion deception intervention to the people when opportunity presents itself (anyday now, the clock is ticking) and say, “we tried but he didn’t listen…. we’re doing this for you, for the country.”

The GOPe are hedging their bets that if and when they do this, in November voters will hold their noses one more time and vote for a candidate of THE ESTABLISHMENT’S CHOOSING (damned fools, every one of them.) and should voters not take the bait and insist on Donald Trump, then the GOPe will continue its use of a sledge hammer to destroy with a vengeance all possibilities of a Trump win only to later blame those labeled by the establishment as “extremists” on the right aka Trump supporters.

Every stone thrown by the Republican establishment is a vote for Hillary Clinton.  Every vote by a member of the Republican establishment vote for Hillary Clinton is a mandate of Obama’s policies and the expansion thereof under a Clinton presidency.

Neither can be seen as a surrender but a “cat out of the bag” moment that as suspected all along, the Republican Party establishment has always been snuggled up like a bug on the rug with the Obama administration.

I ran across article earlier in The Hill written by Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government which points out that the NeverTrumper alliance with Hillary Clinton under a Clinton presidency eliminates any future prospects of Obamacare being repealed even though Obamacare is on its deathbed.

“While many Never Trumpers — still upset that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush or their fallback, Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), didn’t win the GOP nomination — argue that a Trump presidency might be bad for the country, they know that a Clinton presidency will be disastrous for virtually every principle they claim to hold dear….” .

“It is equally clear that those who insist on holding on to the Never Trump mantle after the GOP convention will bear the responsibility, as their continuing attacks on Trump only help put Clinton closer to calling the shots on the next round of national healthcare legislation….”

The NeverTrumpers could care less because even though they say it, it has been proven by their actions in spite of their words that this is not about American values but about maintaining power and self-interests and enrichment.

Manning’s article puts all that is at stake in its proper perspective.

For those who have spent the past seven-and-a-half years railing against ObamaCare from its initial discussion onward, the time is now to decide if they are willing to sacrifice any chance of restoring our nation’s healthcare system to one based upon markets, all because they lost the primary election to someone who they never expected to succeed.

From this day forward, every word written and spoken undermining Trump is an act of backhanded support for Clinton and the policies that she will push forward. So, Never Trumpers, if you want Clinton to finish the job of the nationalization of the healthcare system, keep bashing Trump, but don’t come back in 2017 trying to set the conservative position against HillaryCare when you accepted that outcome through your general election activities, making it a virtual impossibility to stop.

It is time to focus on the real consequences of a Clinton presidency and the permanent entrenchment of the Obama agenda as the fight shifts to Clinton’s attempts to expand upon it.

When viewed through that light, there is no excuse for anyone who claims to be a conservative or a Republican in any form to continue their attacks on Donald Trump. For Never Trump, it is time to suck it up and move on.

You can read the full article here.

Just in case you were wondering, nope, you are not imagining that the Progressive establishment of both parties aka Communist America has declared war on our presidential nominee to throw Trump and American voters off the bus and over the cliff of the highest mountaintop.

The Republican Party leadership who has broken its pledge to Donald Trump, shirked its responsibilities to its constituency is doing the bidding of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce who supports trade agreements, the hiring of illegal immigrants over Americans maintains a vested interest in Donald Trump going down.

Trade is no panacea. Some workers lose their jobs to international competition, just as technological change and shifting consumer tastes regularly put some manufacturers out of business. It’s appropriate for the federal government to provide these workers with training and transition assistance — and of a better quality than current federal programs….

Staying true to form the U. S. Chamber of Commerce really gives a damn.

Of all the nefarious deeds taking place or being put into action by the establishment against Donald Trump and voters, none has anything to do with God, family or love of or what is best for the nation.

It is about the power and voice that has been taken away from the people by an establishment desperate to hold on to that power and more than willing to continue suppressing the voice of we, the people.

It is not we, the people who are the extremists but the factions infringing upon the voice of millions for their own selfish gains.

Their problem is that we, the people, have yet to begin to fight.