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screenshot barack obama orders republicans to rescind Trump endorsement

The more of a threat that Barack Obama imagines Donald Trump to be his legacy, the lower the malignant narcissist sinks.

It’s over Barack Obama’s head that Conservatives are not gullible sock puppets like those who voted for this two-headed snake and are now shedding tears at the sight of Hillary Clinton.  We will not walk to his beat.

DC Whispers

The President of the United States went on for nearly six minutes (he was clearly prepped to do so) in response to a question about GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Mr. Obama declared Trump “UNFIT” to be president, took Trump comments out of context and then wrapped them around Obama’s own view of how the world should be and America’s (diminished) place in it.

There has NEVER been a sitting president who has so immersed themselves so directly into an ongoing presidential race between two other candidates.

This was a bizarre demonstration to be sure, but one clearly packaged for the moment, for as Barack Obama went on to order Republicans not to support Donald Trump[…]

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I seriously believe that in Obama’s heart of hearts, he knew from day one that Barack Hussein Obama is not fit to serve in the office of Commander-in-Chief and so he deflects.

This is not about the country but Hussein’s legacy.  Barack Obama is a very twisted evil man.

All talk about by the DNC’s Muslim prop about a dark soul, the dark soul does not belong to Donald Trump.  It belongs to the despot in the Oval Office who is acting more and more each day as if he’s thinking about pulling a fast one to stay in office.

Until today, I have dismissed concerns of Obama refusing to step down when the time came, now I’m not so sure.  He’s sounding more twisted by the day.

Message to the GOPe:  Don’t you dare!