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Missouri Education Watchdog by Gretchen Logue and Cheri Kiesecker

Is money from other countries shaping American education policy?

Is money from other countries shaping American education policy?

Do you ever wonder what’s driving this data-driven, education reform? It certainly isn’t coming from the parents or the teachers, those closest to the students. Teachers and parents seem to have lost all control of how and what is taught. Instead, it is a race to keep up with the mandated curriculum, mandated use of technology, and tests. This Race-to-the-TEST, is all about DATA and Return on Investment. (By the way, the tests will soon switch to online “Personalized Learning” which is code for hidden data collection in the form of computer based Competency Based Education and Assessments–asking for paper pencil options will be your best way to opt out.) It seems if you don’t have money, you don’t get a seat at the corporate education stakeholder table. So where is all that “corporate stakeholder” money coming from? We know that Bill Gates has invested Billions of this reform movement, as has Facebook’s Marc Zuckerberg, and all the edtech companies like Microsoft, Pearson, Google certainly have a $multi-billion seat at the table that is driving the use of technology and the American education agenda but what about other countries, like say…Russia? Could money from Russia be influencing American Education?

Did you know that the US government has a US-Russian collaboration on education? Ever hear of Skolvovo?

U S - Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission


Following his 2009 visit to Moscow, President Obama announced the creation of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission, which has a Sub-Group on education, seen here. The goal of the US-Russian education sub-group was among other things,

“we propose exchange projects for US and Russian scientists, scholars and university administrators that focus on innovation and commercialization of technology and research as well as the application of new technologies to education.”

However, apparently funding for this project has been halted due to sanctions against Russia. The website states, “In response to Russia’s ongoing violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the United States has temporarily suspended several projects and meetings[…]

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NOTE: Interesting post that trails back to Hillary Clinton’s State Department, the Clinton Foundation and that darned Russian reset button.  Definitely worth reading all the way through and sharing.  There’s plenty to digest but very much worth the effort.