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Shilling for Hillary Clinton, Anderson Cooper tries to trip Julian Assange up when questioning Assange’s mindset behind the leaks.  Cooper’s attempt to paint Assange as a bitter, angry white man fails miserably.

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Constitution Rising.com by Rick Wells

CNN talking head Anderson Cooper is doing his best to take the attention away from the damaging content of the hacked emails and the lack security that resulted in the hack by trying to make it a personal vendetta by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange against the “human security breach,” Hillary Clinton.

As a totally bought and paid for shill for the leftist establishment, Cooper appears to have a hard time grasping the concept that Assange is acting purely in service to the public interest with his releases. He’s exposing to America a few of the many improprieties, irregularities and criminalities of much of the Democrat leadership. The part that seems to get to him the most is that which involves Hillary Clinton the grim reaper of American liberty.

The last thing Cooper and his Democrat masters need is another guy who can’t be bought. Attempting to torpedo Donald Trump was already more than a full time job for their entire network, as well as MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, much of print and online as well as the entertainment world. That’s a lot of firepower against one guy and his campaign. Now Assange has emerged out of nowhere, throwing curveballs that they might not be able to hit.


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Below is the full interview between Cooper and Assange.

There was a time when any journalist would have exposed those emails but not today.  Journalism has been corrupted in America and with integrity having been thrown out the window, socialist and communist shills turn a blind eye to please their Marxist masters.