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Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

screenshot hillary clinton dnc speech

The DNC stage now has flags everywhere after they were criticized on Monday for having none. They were also blasted for not having widows of police officers speak so they had four speaking tonight.

Hillary Clinton made history by becoming the first person to self-identify as a woman. She has spent 40 years in public service achieving nothing, but just give her four more years.

During her acceptance speech, she said our “Democracy” is not working as it should. We are no longer a Republic to these people.

She made a strong pitch that her party is the party of the working people and has a long list of freebies and to give out and she supports full amnesty.

  • It would be “inhumane” to kick out the millions of illegal immigrants in this country, she said.
  • She wants the minimum wage to be a Marxist living wage.
  • Affordable healthcare is a right, she proclaimed.
  • Clinton wants to expand Social Security to people who didn’t earn it.
  • A new massive stimulus will take place in her first 100 days. That is what Obama did at the beginning of his term and it failed.
  • College tuition will be free and debt-free for all. She will eliminate student debt. Taxpayers will pay for this especially when every deadbeat heads for college.
  • Small businesses will get more loans.
  • Paid family leave is also on her agenda.

All of this will be on the back of all taxpayers and businesses. She thinks the rich and Wall Street can pay for all this. She is going to “follow the money” and then steal it. If companies ship jobs overseas, she will punish them and take their wealth[…]

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