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church in ruoen france where 86 year old priest beheaded edited

The latest Islamic terrorist attack on a church south of Rouen, France in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray throws ice on Barack Obama’s assessment of the world as the “vision of violence and chaos everywhere” not being “the experience of most people.”

Two Islamic jihadists, now neutralized, began their wave of terror after entering the church during morning mass.

The priest, Father Jacques Hamel, an 86-year-old, priest was beheaded, three wounded among those taken hostage.

Breitbart – London

An elderly priest has been killed in a hostage situation in a church south of Rouen, Normandy, northern France this morning by alleged Islamist attackers. His killers, who are understood to have been shot dead by French police.

UPDATE 1320 — Islamic State claims responsibility, French President François Hollande confirms terrorist attack Media sources associated with the Islamic State have claimed the Rouen terror attack as their own, remarking that two of their own “soldiers” were responsible. Shortly beforehand the French President François Hollande told press that it was an act of terrorism and that both attackers had proclaimed their allegiance to the Islamic State. He called it a “disgusting attack”[…]

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All of the usual suspects have come out against the latest Islamic terrorist attack while at the same time refusing to call it by its name.

Translation: “Our enemy has no taboos, has no limits, has no borders.”

Translation: “The responsibility of all those who govern us for 30 years is immense. See them chatting is revolting!”