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#NeverTrumpsters are all over social media today attacking Donald Trump and his supporters with GOP establishment pundits leading the march.

One tweet posted earlier today from @Trumpnado2016 caught my eye.  In a failed attempt to insult the intelligence of Trump supporters, the tweet read:

#CruzsRevenge Trumpovites are admitting if you “Vote your Conscience” you can NOT vote for Trump. #NeverTrump

cruz supporter trumpnado tweet insulting intelligence of trump supporters

An interesting tweet, although not true.  No one is admitting anything.  However, after sufferings attacks for months from NeverTrumpsters repeatedly applying these metaphors, everyone is quite familiar with the “dog whistles.” (We should thank Progressives for educating the nation in the art of “dog whistles” and “code words.”)

Are these people such elitists that they’re incapable of realizing that the American voter can see through them and their darned dog whistles?

Then we have GOPe pundit, Ben Shapiro.  While I have not received a newsletter (to which I believe I unsubscribed) from Shapiro’s The Daily Wire in months, I received one today.

Cruz Camp: Trump Campaign Approved Speech, ‘Orchestrated’ RNC Blowback To ‘Make Cruz a Pariah’ by Ben Shapiro

Late Wednesday night, a source within the Cruz team informed Daily Wire exclusively that the Trump campaign had sandbagged Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) over his speech at the Republican National Convention. Cruz spoke at the RNC, where he congratulated Trump on his campaign victory, then spoke about the necessity for freedom and finally stated that Americans should “vote your conscience.” He was met with resounding boos on the floor of the convention; his wife Heidi had to be rushed from the room; according to reports, one Republican delegate physically accosted Cruz, and Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson refused to meet with Cruz.

Rather late to start whining….

According to the source, the entire Cruz speech was cleared by the Trump campaign. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, expressly approved the speech at 4:30 PM ET. …

So was someone from the Trump team or Donald Trump himself supposed to demand that Cruz re-write his speech?

The source, who was standing on the convention floor at the time of the speech, said that Trump operatives were present, urging the crowd to boo. “This was orchestrated by the Trump campaign to make Senator Cruz a pariah within the party,” said the source….

Let’s be real here.  First off, Cruz has been a pariah within the party for years.

Next, the direction of Cruz’s speech and failure to endorse was more than enough to elicit outrage from those in the arena.  No one needed to be nudged to share their displeasure.  It was all out in the open and any attempts to blame Donald Trump for Cruz being booed is as classless as the Senator from Texas was on stage Wednesday night.

“We made this arrangement weeks ago regarding the speech,” the source continued. “We said we wouldn’t cause trouble with the delegates, that Senator Cruz would give a speech, that Senator Cruz would not endorse…

As far as the delegates are concerned, they can think for themselves.

Shapiro, the #NeverTrumpsters are as bad as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Jonathan Gruber.

“Senator Cruz was a little surprised by the depth of the boos,” the source said. “Donors have been emailing, declaring that he’s dead, that it’s the end of his political career….

Actions have consequences.  For months, professional politicians have complained that Donald Trump is not one of them.  As it so happens, Ted Cruz is and he knows how the game is played and how dirty it gets.

Finally, I hate MSNBC and Morning Joe but they nailed it today. Note: 8:05 of video (warning: at about 10:10, MSNBC returns to business as usual for a bit).


Clearly, the Senator from Texas’ scheme backfired or should I say, Ted Cruz got Trumped.  THAT is the STORY. (Look at it this way, Trump promised fireworks.)

But Newt Gingrich said it best.

Cruz made his bed….