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screenshot ted cruz rnc speech

When Senator Ted Cruz stepped on to the stage at the 2016 Republican National Convention last night, it was to a rousing applause.

At the beginning of speech, Cruz in ten words, congratulated Donald Trump for winning the 2016 Republic Party presidential nomination.

“I congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination last night.”

Ten words which within seconds of uttering them were proven hollow as the Senator from Texas dispatching plenty of anti-Trump dog whistles never mentions Trump by name for the duration of his speech sending everything downhill from there unless, of course, you’re a NeverTrumper.

As the seconds rolled on, the message became clear that Cruz was taking the low road.

screenshot ted cruz rnc speech 3

Mid-way through, the crowd began shouting, urging Cruz to endorse the Republican Party presidential nominee. Cruz who toward the end of his 2016 presidential run to become the nominee collaborated with the GOPe out of desperation to become the 2016 Republican Party nominee would do no such thing.

While some were thrilled, the expressions of many in the arena said it all and after nearly 20 plus minutes of anti-Trump dog whistles and setting himself up for the 2020 presidential campaign, Cruz proving himself a bitter loser, again doing the GOPe’s dirty work delivered the ultimate payback on live television with his refusal to endorse Trump.

The speech ended with Cruz being booed off the stage.

On the one hand, the snub by Cruz displeased not only Donald Trump, his family, supporters and many in the Republican Party who decided that it was time to move on but Republican Party donors.

On the other hand, the snub elated the establishment, i.e., Progressives of both parties, pundits and the mainstream media giving opposition plenty of ammunition to use at the DNC Convention next week.

Speaking of which, it was more than 13 minutes before Cruz mentioned Hillary Clinton’s name.

How ironic is it that Ted Cruz during the first 13 minutes who spoke of free speech, the Constitution, liberty, etc. would say, “People are fed up with politicians that don’t listen to them…” when Cruz just months ago exposed himself not being the Constitutionalist that he pretends to be. (Cruz has proven himself to be one of those politicians that he has often lambasted.)

screenshot ted cruz rnc speech 7 new york 8

It is at about 18:51 of the video that Cruz with a half-smile on his face drove the ball home.

“We deserve leaders to stand for principle to unite us all behind shared values to cast aside anger for love…”

Pot calling the kettle black?

“That is the standard that we should expect from everybody and to those listening, please don’t stay home in November…”

[shouts of “Trump, Trump, Trump” can be heard all around as the audience was losing its patience with the Senator from Texas.]

“If you love our country and love your children as much as I know that you do stand and speak and vote your conscience.

Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who YOU trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution…”

screenshot ted cruz rnc speech 7 new york

[A smack in the face to Trump supporters, Trump himself and New York.]

screenshot ted cruz rnc speech 7 new york 2

New York Republicans pissed and everyone having received the message shouted at Cruz, “Endorse Trump. Endorse Trump.”

[Full speech at bottom of post.]

Ted Cruz’s final words before walking offstage:

“We will defend freedom and be faithful to the Constitution. We will unite the party. We will unite the country.

It took Lyin’ Ted less than 20 minutes to fracture three days of party unity which the media and opposition will try to ride straight through the November elections.

As reported by Katie Pavlich of Townhall, the RNC had received, approved and dispatched the speech in advance. “Cruz didn’t change any of the text during delivery.”

Politico reports that Cruz informed Trump by phone earlier this week that no endorsement was forthcoming.


One final note, regardless of how one feels about Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, Governor John Kasich, former Governor Jeb Bush RENEGED on the loyalty pledge….PERIOD. CREDIBILITY SHATTERED.