trump the press cover don surber

Now on sale:  Watcher of Weasels Council Member, Don Surber has a new book out entitled, “Trump the Press: Don Surber’s take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race.”

Both “Steve Hayward of Power Line, and Austin Bay at Instapundit gave it glowing reviews.”

From Steven Hayward of Power Line:

“The independent internet journalist Don Surber has produced a terrific short catalogue and analysis of how everyone—but especially the conservative commentariat—missed or misunderstood the rise of Donald Trump.

“The book is a wonderful catalog of all the pundits who completely dismissed Trump from the beginning (including yours truly, though Don was kind enough not to quote my faulty Los Angeles Times prediction last August that Trump would be gone by Thanksgiving).”

trump the press back don surberFor those interested in purchasing, as pointed out on Don’s website:

Please purchase “Trump the Press” through Create Space, as I get a larger royalty. It is a subsidiary of Amazon.

The book also is on Amazon.

And its Kindle release is on July 25. Pre-order here, please.

Autographed copies are $20 each. Please email me at DonSurber@gmail.com

Regardless of how you purchase this must reading for Trump supporters and media critics alike. Please post a book review on the Amazon site. That helps attract other readers.