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screenshot raheem kassam breitbart london

Amazing.  Even some Muslims are ignorant about Shariah law as demonstrated by Raheem Kassam of Breitbart London (above) when he set the record straight with a Muslim caller the other day to Sean Hannity’s radio program.

Breitbart London

Speaking on the top-ranked syndicated Sean Hannity radio show in the wake of the Nice terror attack, Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam offered robust views on saving Western civilisation from Sharia and Islamification, and schooled a Muslim caller on what it means to be an apostate.

A Muslim caller to the show who described himself as an adherent to Sharia law rebuked the suggestion made that the parallel legal system was incompatible with American values, explaining he and his family were hard working and charitable.

Challenging the caller, Mr. Kassam said: “Omar, it’s Raheem. I’d like to speak to you directly if I may. You say you believe in sharia law, and one must assume you believe in the implementation of sharia law in the country in which you live.

“So tell the listeners to this show, do you believe that the punishment for adultery should be death? Do you believe that the punishment for apostasy should be death? Do you believe that voting is shirk [the Islamic sin of idolatry, therefore haram] and that no Muslim should take part? Do you believe in female genital mutilation? Do you believe in gender inequality? Do you believe that rape is not a felony? Do you believe that honour killings are alright?

“Tell everyone listening to this nationally syndicated show just exactly what you believe”….

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One can’t help but wonder how many Muslims living in the West who are pushing for Shariah Law could actually handle living in such an environment.  How many of Muslims are themselves, APOSTATES.