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The following is posted on Donald Trump’s Facebook page.  H/t @AuditTheMedia (who shared it on Twitter.)

Like Trump or hate him.  The Pokémon Go Parody entitled “Crooked Hillary No!” is brilliant and has garnered more than 10M views, 49,000 comments and 175,538 shares on FB from people around the world, many of whom are urging Americans to vote for Donald Trump.


As pointed out by BizPac Review, “Whether or not the attack ad will make it to a full-fledged TV ad is unlikely, as Trump has run zero television ad campaigns during the election so far, whereas Clinton has already produced thousands.”

These parodies will draw the attention of Democratic voters like bees to honey, another reason for Barack Obama to despise Donald Trump.

DISCLOSURE:  I fancy neither Pokémon Go nor Hillary Clinton but the ad is brilliant.