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New York City’s Communist mayor Bill de Blasio’s latest appointment shuffling throughout the departments will serve only to further exacerbate the quality of life in NYC.

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de Blasio’s latest announcement is the appointment of Maya Wiley to head the Civilian Complaints Review Board (CCRB).

The ultimate SJW, Wiley is also Henry Cohen Professor for Management and Urban Policy and Senior Vice President for Social Justice at The New School. The latter position commencing mid-July.

The appointment, purely ideological will prove a nightmare in the making.

CityJournal.org by Bob McManus

Wiley replaces Richard Emory, who left the panel earlier this year under an ethics cloud. She brings a cloud of her own, having just stepped down as chief counsel to de Blasio’s scandal-wracked regime.

Wiley’s ascension comes hard on the heels of a report by de Blasio’s handpicked inspector general for police matters, Philip Eure, that ripped the Broken Windows theory of policing—a spectacularly successful, two-decade approach to public safety in New York, and Bratton’s signature approach to keeping cities safe. Eure’s report was greeted with the ridicule that it deserved; only hacks and activists deny the efficacy of Broken Windows. Even the mayor—a man with barely concealed animosity toward police and policing—felt compelled to repudiate the document.

But Eure is a critical cog in de Blasio’s public-safety machinery, and so the report ultimately is mayoral handiwork, just as Wiley’s appointment will be on the administration’s record. Everything de Blasio does in the personnel department seems designed to send a message to Bratton: “I’m stuck with you, Mr. Commissioner, but I don’t really trust you. Nor do I trust the 30,000-plus police officers under your command…”

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Social justice and law enforcement. How does that work?

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