Progressives have no platform of worth to run on and so they create chaos, correction this meaningless dog and pony show.

Okay, maybe not so meaningless.  The circus will be used as fodder to fundraise.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Pelosi-led disorder on House floor.

Julian Castro probably had the most absurd statement about yesterday’s phony sit-in – they did it to “elevate” the conversation. All night long, they were laying around the floor of the House making outlandish comments.

For those who are unaware, Democrats performed a stunt on the House floor yesterday to set themselves up as the moral arbiters of gun legislation but it was really meant to Get Out the Vote on the backs of the dead.

They exploited a truly horrible terrorist attack that killed 49 people and injured 53. They demanded votes on two bills that failed in the Senate – why would you do that other than to spread more propaganda? It’s pointless to vote on them if the Senate won’t pass them…

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