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Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

us welfare

A bill to be decided on in Switzerland would give every one of the 8 million citizens and legal residents a very generous monthly income.Adults would get $2600 a month tax-free and children would get $650 each. No other country has ever done this. [Update: it was voted down]

It is a key Marxist ideal.

Someone who currently earns, say, $6,500 month would not receive any money from the government but $2,600 of it

would not be taxed.

For those getting welfare or other social benefits, payments of up to $2,600 a month would be replaced by the new basic income. Anything over this amount would continue to be provided as a separate payment and taxed accordingly.

Theoretically, a family of two non-working adults and two children at home would be eligible for $6,500 a month, or $78,000 a year tax-free. That’s nearly twice the after-tax income of a typical American family.

Everyone would get it, regardless of work status, income level, or wealth or deadbeat status[…]

These redistribution of wealth schemes are all about total dominance over our money and labor.  Entitlement minded deadbeats coveting that which they have not earned would do well to look at Venezuela and how their utopic dreams has become a nightmare for everyone except the ruling elites.