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Hip-hop Artist/Icon Snoop Dogg posted an expletive-laced video to Instagram this past Memorial Day weekend calling on his fans to boycott the remake of the 1977 miniseries “Roots” which aired Memorial Day on the History Channel.

Calling out Hollywood’s nearly decade long era of Blaxploitation II[i] (my emphasis), determination of Blacks to forever remain the victim (again, my emphasis), Snoop stated that Hollywood “keep showing the abuse we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago” and ignore their accomplishments in today’s society….When you all going to make a series about the success that black folks is having?”

“The only success we have is ‘Roots’ and ’12 Years a Slave’ and s**t like that, huh?”


Mark Dice has a response to Snoop’s expletive-laced video:


While acknowledging that everyone had a right to their opinion, even Snoop Dogg (no pun intended), Will Packer, producer of Roots response to critics was that “They’re uncomfortable revisiting the reality of that time…I understand it. But at the same time, I vehemently disagree….”

While there are those who would beg to differ, the countless production of films about Blacks post-2009 is attached to an agenda.

The first era of Blaxploitation movies came about towards the end of the 60’s era under the guise of the civil rights movement.

Black films of the past eight years are no different than the first era.  Pushed under the guise of educating the young, civil rights and fairness and inequality they will be historically categorized as Blaxploitation II.

Omitted from the conversation is Hollywood’s collaborative effort with link to the present administration in the White House as very little comes out of Hollywood these days without the endorsement of said administration.

An administration by the way whose ideology and success is incumbent upon Blacks being angry and holding on to the lie that even in 2016, all are still victims.


[i]              In spite of Hollywood running the gambit the past eight years with its endless releases of Blaxploitation films (aka Blaxploitation II), the true intent of which is to ensure that the mindset of Black Americans remain in “victim” mode, there is no mention of not even one film made during the Blaxploitation era on Wikipedia created post 2008.  Clever? No.  Deceitful. Yes.