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On Friday, both Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham reneged on their loyalty pledge to support the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential nominee.

Jeb Bush:

After being endlessly ridiculed by Donald Trump and rejected by American voters, Jeb remains in denial.

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As far as Jeb and his family are concerned, Donald Trump and millions of stupid American voters denied him that which Jeb believes is rightfully his. Thus, it because Jeb believes that he has been wronged that Jeb is reneging on the loyalty pledge that the signed with the Republican Party to support its 2016 presidential nominee.

Jeb Bush Facebook post reneging on loyalty oath

….and tremendously frustrated by the abject failure and inability of leaders in Washington, D.C. to make anything better.

American voters have made it clear that Washington is broken, but I’m not optimistic that either of the leading candidates for President will put us on a better course.

The American Presidency is an office that goes beyond just politics. It requires of its occupant great fortitude and humility and the temperament and strong character to deal with the unexpected challenges that will inevitably impact our nation in the next four years.

Donald Trump has not demonstrated that temperament or strength of character. He has not displayed a respect for the Constitution. And, he is not a consistent conservative. These are all reasons why I cannot support his candidacy.

Hillary Clinton has proven to be an untrustworthy liberal politician who, if elected, would present a third term of the disastrous foreign and economic policy agenda of Barack Obama.

In November, I will not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but I will support principled conservatives at the state and federal levels, just as I have done my entire life. For Republicans, there is no greater priority than ensuring we keep control of both chambers of Congress. I look forward to working hard for great conservatives in the Senate and House in the coming months.”

Source: Facebook.

For some reason, I still expected more of Jeb Bush. That is until I remembered that Jeb is of the establishment, an elitist and one who believed that the 2016 presidential election was his turn at bat.

Lindsey Graham:

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Ditto much of the above for that establishment grease ball, Lindsey Graham who polled at times near zero.

On Friday, Graham posted the following statement to his Facebook page:
Lindsey Graham Facebook Post Reneging on Loyalty Pledge

“…our nation cannot afford to continue those failed policies at home or abroad.

I also cannot in good conscience support Donald Trump because I do not believe he is a reliable Republican conservative nor has he displayed the judgment and temperament to serve as Commander in Chief.

After the election, regardless of who wins the presidency I will do everything I can to help our new President deal with the many challenges facing our nation. The next President will inherit a mess and will need all the help they can get.

I will enthusiastically support Republicans for other offices in South Carolina and throughout the country. I will focus my time, energy and effort on raising resources and advocating for our Republican majorities in the House and Senate. It is imperative that we have strong, reliable conservatives acting as a check and balance against excesses in government. I strongly encourage Republicans and Independents to vote even if you are disappointed in your choice for President.

Finally, I do not plan to attend the Republican convention in Cleveland this summer.”

Graham and Bush’s talking points to justify their not voting for Donald Trump are that Trump is not a Conservative.  (Expect other former candidates to renege on their loyalty pledges using the same talking points.)

Okay but how Conservative is it to dismiss the votes of millions, malign and rebuke an angry constituency that dared to vocalize its dissatisfaction with the Washington political machine that continuously aligns itself with big money donors, the Chamber of Commerce, globalists and others with an anti-American agenda?  Is that Conservatism?  I think not.

It is the right of every voter(s) to choose a candidate based on his or her convictions.

Self-serving bureaucrats, who repeatedly turn their backs on their constituency, have broken their Constitutional Oath, infringe upon the liberties of Americans, align themselves with special interests and foreign entities, dismantle the U. S. Constitution, degrade our national sovereignty and combat effectiveness of our U. S. Military thereby compromising national security and nudging Americans into government dependency through the elimination of jobs have no convictions. Thus, their justification for reneging on a loyalty pledge which none should have signed in the first place is a fallacy.

Furthermore, since each candidate willingly signed a loyalty pledge, allow me to point out that a man’s word is his bond. After all, when all else is lost, at least one’s honor and good name shall remain intact.

What happened? Sour grapes.

There is no exception clause containing stipulation(s) in the loyalty pledge under which the candidate could be released if the signatory chooses not to honor his or her pledge. (Pardon the rant, too much caffeine.)

And so the door swings open for Trump who rightfully calls out those who in spite of their refusal to stand with the presumptive nominee (including Paul Ryan) remain honor bound.

The Hill

…Trump said. “A pledge means something. Jeb Bush, a very low-energy individual, signed the pledge. While he was signing it, he fell asleep, so maybe that’s his excuse. The only reason I speak badly about him is that he speaks badly about me.”

He blasted Graham for also coming out against him this week, calling him a “total dope” and a “lightweight like I’ve never seen.”

“So Jeb Bush is not an honorable person, Lindsey Graham is not an honorable person,” he continued. “Because when you sign a pledge, that’s supposed to mean something….”

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How odd is it that the media, pundits, establishment elitist goons and most of all the Republican Party leadership have only concern[ed] themselves with the possibility of Trump reneging on the pledge?

The primary not leading a candidate to the winner’s circle is not justification enough to renege on a pledge to which one is legally bound.  H/t Bullright.

Finally on the subject of Paul Ryan and his refusal to support Donald Trump: