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SCREenshot paul ryan

On Friday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapperstated that he is not prepared to support Donald Trump.

House whips in the lower chamber, Reps. Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia and Dennis Ross of Florida in an interview with Politico rebuked Ryan shortly after Ryan announced his decision to withhold support from the 2016 Republican Party presumptive nominee.

…Both lawmakers said they believe their leader is in denial about how Republican voters feel about the real-estate tycoon.

“I honestly don’t understand what Paul’s thinking — I don’t get it,” said Westmoreland, who is retiring after this year. “I try not to give advice to the speaker, but I think it just really brought about, in my opinion, even more confusion to this thing.”

“Trust me, I haven’t been on the Donald Trump bandwagon, but I will support him, and I disagree with Ryan’s comment,” Ross said. “I think it’s time we unite (and) … extend an olive branch and start working this out.”

The sharp rebuke from two senior, longtime GOP leadership allies is a rare sight in the House[…]

The Republican Party establishment is clearly out of touch with the voters.  Can’t wait to see what happens next once the House is back in session.