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Newsbusters by Chris Houck

Lacking any self-examination whatsoever, failed McCain campaign head and MSNBC political analyst Steve Schmidt lashed out late Wednesday evening on Mark Levin as the embodiment of “narcissism” and “self-aggrandizers” who have created a “cancer” that’s led “the demise of the conservative movement in the Republican Party.” If Schmidt wasn’t enough, MSNBC national correspondent Joy Reid sought to one up him by parroting false claims about Barry Goldwater being an ardent racist and the late […]


Sounds like the Republican Party establishment wants to take away Mark Levin’s membership card.

Not to worry, Levin will be denigrating, shouting and spitting hate at everyone who voted for Donald Trump on his program for the next six months but this morning, it’s going to be a hell of a time on the air waves.