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D. C. Clothesline by Piper McGowin

Undercover Video Proves That Men — NOT Transgendered People, But Men — Can Use the Women’s Restroom at Target Now

When a man decided to hide a camera in his shirt pocket and go to Target to test out the store’s new bathroom policy, he got affirmation of a lot more than just the fact that this has nothing to do with transgendered people “feeling comfortable” using the bathroom of their choice.

When he, a man dressed as a man, asked a Target security guard if he could use the women’s restroom, the guard almost enthusiastically answered, “Yep!”

So there you go. Target is straight up allowing men — that’s right, men, not transgendered men who live their lives as women, but MEN — to use the women’s bathroom ‘if it makes them feel more comfortable’.


Shame on you, Target! As of this posting, the American Family Foundation’s petition, I Pledge to Boycott Target Stores, has garnered 1,099,743 signatures.

If interested, you can sign the pledge to boycott Target here.