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As the weather warms up, Muslim invaders holed up in Calais are creating chaos as they gear up to resume the hijrah, destination UK and Calais law enforcement are either afraid or ill-equipped to contain the savages.

screenshot calais riots

The Local FR

Migrants from the Jungle camp in Calais used tree trunks and branches to block roads into the northern French port early on Tuesday as officials warned they were stepping up attempts to reach Britain.

Over the past three weeks, there has been a sharp increase in migrant attempts to stow away in the back of lorries which then board ferries or shuttle trains to England, officials say.

Such attempts have stoked tensions with the police after a period of calm following last month’s dismantling of part of the sprawling Jungle camp[…]

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I suppose it would be politically incorrect to suggest shooting or deporting the bastards and so like sitting ducks, European nations lie back and wait for their executioners to strike.

David Cameron, Angela Merkel, François Hollande, etc.: Massa’ Barack would be proud of you. NOT!

Case in point: This video of a pro-immigration journalist getting mugged at a Calais jungle camp by knife-wielding thugs.

Yet people are sorry for these animals and the fact that the jungle camps were finally demolished.