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What You Thought…. by J.S. Cuba

The United States Constitution gives these fools the right to protest, but there are restraints.

Just as one can’t yell fire in a movie theater when there is none, this is where the line must be drawn.

Besides having Secret Service protection, 2016 presidential candidate, Donald. J. Trump has his own private security team.(Source)

All the campaigning, and debates would be for naught if Mr. Trump were in the reach of an assassin’s bullet.

It’s the team put together by Schiller and Trump that will make this unlikely.(Source)

Keith Schiller, a body-guard for Donald Trump, is a retired NYPD detective.

Burn the American Plantation’: Supporting Trump Can Make You A Target of Violence

Donald Trump’s head of security is a former NYPD detective with a penchant for getting physical with the billionaire’s adversaries — including WWE’s Vince McMahon and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos.

Keith Schiller, the Donald’s bodyguard of 16 years, smacked a Latino demonstrator after snatching his “Trump: Make America Racist Again” banner outside a Manhattan news conference Thursday.

The protester, Efrain Galicia, had jumped Schiller from behind, Trump’s campaign told the New York Times.

(Not one of his more brilliant moves.)

Though the campaign threatened to file charges, no one has filed a complaint, the NYPD said.

Trump is scheduled to speak tonight at 7pm in Harrisburg at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center.

anonymousTheir message for Trump supporters is stark, clear and disturbing; you are a target of violence[…]

They are so emboldened that Barack Obama/Soros/Progressives’ paid agent provacateurs own up to their intent to do harm and reek chaos on the website, It’s Going Down:

On April 13th Pittsburgh anarchists participated in an attack on a Donald Trump campaign rally. This is a message from some of the organizers of this anarchist contingent as well as thoughts on our current situation.

On April 11th, the Trump campaign announced plans for two events on the same day in different neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. Earlier in the day he would participate in a “town hall” with Sean Hannity in Oakland, a college neighborhood, and in the evening would hold a large campaign rally in the downtown area. Almost immediately, different factions of the Left issued calls for actions and began planning demonstrations. Shortly thereafter came the all-too-common threats from the Right of armed confrontation with demonstrators….

Shortly thereafter came the all-too-common threats from the Right of armed confrontation with demonstrators…B. S.! Just because they say it, do not make it so especially when the actions that they have undertaken are the very actions intended from the start regardless of whom the Republican nominee will be.

These paid Communist hell raisers aka Bernie Sanders supporters are full of crap, the term of which I use out of respect to the proprietor of this blog.

Paid agent provocateurs are all that they are assaulting and seeking the destruction of those who do not share their ignorance, hate and ideology.

Even worse, I have no confidence in the mainstream media reporting these events in an unbiased fashion since they too, are in bed with the dogs running this show.

The exchange at approximately 3:23 of the video allegedly between “so-called” anti-trump and pro-trump supporters is a poorly rehearsed ruse by useful idiots and the agenda of the videographer unambiguous.

While the passion on both sides is high, those on the left, as expected are a bunch of PROGRAMMED IMBECILES. They take offense when a so-called Trump supporter assumes that they are all on welfare yet within seconds, a group claiming offense at said assumption, feigns outrage while themselves validating the assumption.

Useful idiots programmed and full of it.