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nyc gop ballot

No Republican ballots in Harlem? Now that’s just racist and/or ideologically biased.

A voting location in Brooklyn closes for the day at 7:50 a.m. and at another, the site coordinator didn’t bother to show up?

Let’s be honest. Did anyone expect to see any less in Communist mayor, Bill de Blasio’s New York City?

I suspect that I was one of the lucky ones.

CBS-New York

It’s primary day in New York and as many voters scramble to cast their ballots before, during, and after work, some are also running into unfortunate circumstances.

It’s not often that New Yorkers’ votes are pivotal in a presidential primary and many at polling places across the state are determined to make their’s count.

Many of the voting problems occurred early in the morning, 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported.



What a way to begin primary day in New York State and yes, it was just the beginning.

New York State’s primary process is closed, something of which most New Yorkers were unaware and didn’t pick up not even last week when the mainstream failed to elaborate on the reason as to why Donald Trump’s children were unable to vote for their father in today’s primary.

In the case of registered Independent voters in NYS, things went downhill fast as they were not allowed to vote today being that which until today, most New Yorkers.

Adding to that, there was a massive purge of Democratic voters supposedly due to a computer glitch of sorts. One heck of a computer glitch, party affiliations were switched without explanation and without consent.

According to reports, the majority of voters purged from the rolls are from Brooklyn.

On Monday, advocacy group, Election Justice USA, filed a complaint in U.S. District Court against the New York Board of Elections asking the judge to open up today’s presidential primary to 63,000 plus voters purged from the voter rolls.

New York Post

…voter rolls on April 1 showed the borough had 853,687 registered Democrats who are considered “active” because they voted at least once in the last four years.

But in November, there were 917,508, or 63,558 more.

The board said the numbers changed because many once-active voters were moved to the inactive list.

But that list grew by only 9,154 voters — from 82,807 to 91,961 — leaving 54,404 Brooklyn voters missing….

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In spite of Election Justice USA instructing independent and disenfranchised voters to vote by provisional ballot, (i) those voters were turned away and (ii) District Judge Joanna Seybert (EDNY), a Clinton appointee, “denied the request, and delayed a hearing on an emergency lawsuit,” as reported by Think Progress.

Social media is all over it.



Ahhhhhhhh, Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio and Bertha Lewis (formerly of ACORN)’s New York. Warming up for the November presidential election and de Blasio’s re-election in 2017.