Not really but I was wondering when the mainstream media would pick up that all John Kasich has done since arriving in New York is EAT.



Okay, now that might be a fair assessment of Kasich’s New York visit nor is the title of the New York Times article that reads, John Kasich’s Big New York Challenge: Saving Room for Dessert but if I see one more news report of Kasich in New York while he’s stuffing his face, I’ll throw my shoe at the television.

Then I will really be pissed since I am not prepared to purchase a smart television.

Nothing from nothing, where did they get that pizza. Suggestion and it is only my opinion, as a native New Yorker that to secure a good slice of pizza in NYC, one must venture down town to Little Italy, the outer boroughs or Long Island. What is often sold in areas frequented by tourists only “looks” like New York pizzas.

NYT by Thomas Kaplan

Gov. John Kasich was ready for dessert. But first, he clarified his plan of attack.

“I’m not going to eat my strudel with a knife,” he said.

Mr. Kasich was finishing the latest stop of his culinary tour of New York, which has included pizza in Queens — where he used a fork, possibly on purpose — and an Italian feast at a deli on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

For Saturday’s outing, three days before New York’s primaries, Mr. Kasich perched himself on a stool at the PJ Bernstein kosher-style deli on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

A swarm of journalists surrounded him, ready to document any misguided utensil usage.

Mr. Kasich eagerly tackled a bowl of chicken soup with kreplach, a type of dumpling, declaring to anyone who wondered, “I love soup.” He used a spoon to eat the soup, as people tend to do.

In a bold move, he turned away a pastrami sandwich, explaining that he planned to have dinner with one of his daughters upon returning to Ohio later Saturday….

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The Bronx — cool but passing up the pastrami sandwich, oh that is not going to sit well with some New Yorkers. (sarcasm…or is it?)