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So what does it mean that the Islamic State has released a target list of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and imams in the United States such as Huma Abedin and Keith Ellison?

Muslim brethren pushing for Shariah Law in the United States, who will shed a tear for Muslims but never a tear for Americans slaughtered in the September 11 Islamic terrorist attacks in 2001, 2012 on U. S. soil and off, i.e., those who never call out and/or make excuses for Muslims who slaughter Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims.

Dagiq 18 Kill Imams of the West

Commentary by Adina Kutnicki

FIRST and foremost, it must be understood that just because one Mafia branch is considered to be even more brutal than the other, it doesn’t mean that one is more innocent than the other. Mind you, that is akin to saying a one-off killer is a better citizen than his serial counterpart. Isn’t that twisted thinking? Dangerous hogwash too.

SO as soon as the report hit that Huma Abedin (aka Humala), Rep. Keith Ellison (aka Keithy boy, one of 2 Muslim reps in Congress who stealthily push for Sharia Law inside the U.S.), top dogs at CAIR (the Brotherhood Mafia’s propaganda arm), and a smattering of high-level militant Islamic jihadists (with countless others unnamed, yes, they too should be a central focus of every patriot) made it to ISIS’s targeted “hit list” for elimination, well, let’s just say that this investigative journalist’s eyes and ears perked up more than a notch. Hmmm.

ACCORDING to the New York Post:

ISIS on Wednesday put out a hit list targeting moderate Muslims — including top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

The list — in the latest edition of the terror group’s magazine Dabiq– targets several other prominent Muslims including US Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota and British pols Sayeeda Warsi and Sajid Javid.

Abedin, the wife of former rep. Anthony Weiner[…]

Moderate like hell.  Sounds like propaganda.  Any coincidence that Clinton spokesperson, Glen Caplin, had nothing to say about a hit list that surfaces just so happens to surface during the 2016 election season.