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John Kasich’s presidential campaign is less than thrilled that the Never Trump movement might be pulling out of New York and Pennsylvania hoping instead to stymie Donald Trump in states that are more receptive to Ted Cruz and less so to Trump.

Kasich’s team insinuates that the stop-Trump effort is ignoring the delegate-rich state of New York because Cruz is polling in third place. They are also concerned that anti-Trump efforts will not enter Pennsylvania, either, another state where Kasich is also in second place.

Kasich’s chief strategist, John Weaver, tweeted his frustration.

Two anti-Trump groups, which are also the best funded – Our Principles PAC and Club for Growth – have indicated that they will stay out of New York. Club for Growth has endorsed Cruz. Our Principles PAC has not….

What would give the Kasich campaign the idea that Club for Growth is pro-Ted Cruz?


Club for Growth in support of Ted Cruz

Club for Growth in support of Ted Cruz 2


Our Principles PAC – anti-Trump? Nah.


our principles pac pro ted cruz page 1

our principles pac pro ted cruz page 2


Our Principles PAC/Resurgent FEC filing and other documents available for reading here.

As for the Kasich camp, they are making their displeasure known across social media.