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No matter how its spun, it is not sour grapes when someone with access to the Colorado GOP’s twitter account within moments of presenting 34  Colorado delegates to Senator Ted Cruz Saturday night tweets out “We did it. #NEVERTRUMP.”


Nor was it an error but it was a slight and kick in the face to every voter denied access Saturday.  Of course, to make it look good, it was not long before someone feigning shock hastily deleted the tweet and followed up with a half-hearted apology and excuse.

On a personal note, Colorado’s GOP can stick the tweet and their half-hearted apology where the sun does not shine.

Donald Trump was right. Cruz’s win came about courtesy of a rigged election with the powers that be including Lyin’ Ted under the impression that voters are stupid and not worth the effort of executing a worthwhile cover up.

It is the Colorado GOP establishment, who decided that voters and pro-Trump delegates were unnecessary, just give Cruz the delegates and let us be done with it.

Pro-Trump delegates were denied entrance into the CO convention after their names were stripped from the rolls and the caucus, which would have been where the voters chose their candidate to bind the delegates to a candidate yet Cruz delegates were listed twice.

As for Ted Cruz, he has proven himself a deceiver, a liar and snake among men.  Michael Savage is right; Cruz should have immediately demanded that the wrongs be made right. Instead, he basks in the wrongs that are being committed on his behalf.

No wonder Colorado Republicans are burning their Republican Party voter registrations.  I imagine the same happening all over  the country before long.

Using Alinskyite tactics that Progressives have employed against the right for so long, leaders of the Republican Party are nothing more than elitist condescending gangbangers like their counterparts who are intentionally and without apology disenfranchising voters who refuse to tow the party line and don the gang colors.

In other words, Saturday night’s tweet that created a stir before being taken down was not an error, it was a message to the rest of us and to Donald Trump from the GOPe was rubbing our noses in the fact that they successfully rigged the Colorado Caucus (among others) and there wasn’t a damned thing that any of us could do about it, so there.  SHAME ON THEM!

As for claims that Donald Trump is whining, LIE.  Donald Trump is calling a spade a spade.  That IS NOT WHINING!

Message to the GOP:  I hold a grudge.  So there!