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Hoping against hope, John Kasich refuses to drop out. Kasich who did not earn one delegate in the Wisconsin primary last night got 154,468 votes of which would have gone either to Ted Cruz or Donald Trump if Kasich had dropped out earlier.

There is a method to this establishment candidate’s insanity. SPOILER ALERT!

Rasmussen Commentary by Fran Koombs

John Kasich brokered convention


Why is John Kasich still in the race for the Republican nomination?

His shutout in yesterday’s Wisconsin Primary shows there’s no groundswell of support for a non-angry, traditional Republican candidate in the race despite all the bad things he, the media and other prominent GOP officials have had to say about Donald Trump. There’s a perception that Ted Cruz is picking up some momentum, while Trump’s momentum is slowing . But Kasich? Forget it.

Exit polls in Wisconsin found that stop-Trump voters moved to the Texas senator, not the Ohio governor, with Kasich underperforming in several key demographics compared to his showing in the March 15 primaries[…]