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A few weeks ago, Huffington Post propagandist, Christina Wilkie did a hit piece on the Stump for Trump Girls, Diamond and Silk, or Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson denigrating Diamond and Silk in the way that Progressive elites do while accusing them of cozying up to a white nationalist.

“This week, Diamond and Silk took their iconoclastic schtick a step further when they sat down for an interview with white nationalist, Holocaust denier and fellow Trump supporter John Friend. The show was broadcast on American Free Press, a website that calls itself “independent, populist, and pro-White“ and promotes racist and anti-Semitic views and conspiracy theories…..”

If Wilkie had written the same exact trash about a Black Progressive, she would have been accused of racism and threatened with tar and feathering.

In the mindset of Progressives, something must be wrong with any Black person who refuses to shuck and jive before Progressive slave masters on the plantation.

Wilkie barked up the wrong tree and Diamond and Silk wasted no time responding putting the Progressive cow in her place.