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As a result New York City’s crime wave, the likes of which the City has not seen since the Dinkins administration, it is open season on the City’s senior citizens.

The crimes committed against NYC seniors considered easy prey by predators, quite a few of whom are old enough to know better but who simply do not give a damn range from beaten up, to slashings, rape and burglary.

Ex-convict, Clarence Jones, age 65

Ex-convict, Clarence Jones, age 65

Case in point, 65-year-old (yes I said “65”) Clarence Jones, an ex-convict was arrested for preying on and robbing senior citizens throughout Brooklyn and Queens.

Jones, released from prison in 2014 after serving 14 years has an arrest record that includes 19 priors, including for assault, burglary and robbery. Within months, this senior thug having returned to his old habits was arrested for robbing a 76-year-old woman in the Bronx.

Jones was arrested again over the weekend after following an 83-year-old woman into her home nine days ago and pistol whipping his victim.

On March 19, Jones robbed an 81-year-old woman near Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  He pulled a gun on his victim and relieved her of $330.

As is that is not bad enough, on March 2 this sob put a 91-year-old woman into a chokehold.  Upon entering the woman’s building, they bumped into a 50-year-old male.  Jones robbed them both at gunpoint netting just short of $400.

Crimes committed by Clarence Jones date back to February of this year, if not earlier and most of the incidents or footage of the thug just before or after the crime was caught on CCTV.

Another example, Sharon McNeil, age 53 was arrested this weekend for robbing a 103-year-old woman.  Mc Neil followed the woman to her home in Co-op City, into the elevator where she knocked the woman to the floor and stole shopping cart of food she had just received from a community center, the woman’s purse that contained money, her ID and credit cards.

Again, surveillance footage of McNeil leaving the building with the woman’s shopping cart sealed the career thug’s fate.  McNeil who followed her 99-pound victim from the community center also has an arrest record of 27 arrests and prostitution.

Going back to January of this year, a 70-year-old man was knocked to the ground and robbed in a subway station in lower Manhattan.

Most of the victims targeted live in neighborhoods with a higher demographic of seniors in New York City.

Forty years ago, those communities were full of working class middle-aged adults (baby boomers) raising their families.  Enter 2016, the baby boomers are entering their retirement stage and, therefore, considered easy marks.

Much of the problem has to do with the era of Bill de Blasio, the quality of life dissipating under Commie Bill’s reign and legacy achievement, i.e., ending Stop-and-frisk.

While de Blasio touting fake crime numbers insist that crime is down in NYC, the Guardian Angels led by founder, Curtis Sliwa has resumed patrolling the streets, parks and subways of New York due to a lack of police presence around the city.

Just this weekend, president of Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association stated that crime is up because of the war on police.  Emboldened thugs are taking to the streets of New York.

New York Post

‘We have shootings on the rise, and we have slashings on the rise, and it’s because the criminals on the street feel emboldened, empowered to go out and commit these acts,’ he said.

Shooting victims increased by 24 percent — from 62 incidents to 77 — over the 28-day period that ended last Sunday, March 27, according to the latest NYPD data available. Shooting incidents increased 14 percent — from 57 to 65 incidents — in the same period….

According to NYPD Commissioner, William Bratton, there have been 916 slashings so far this year, “a 22 percent increase for the same period in 2015.”

I do not believe that the NYPD’s crackdown on illegal firearms is connected to the increase in knife slashings.  I suspect that the rising cost of securing an illegal firearm has more to do with it.

Push-in robberies have always been a problem for seniors in NYC but appear to have stepped up of late.

On Valentine’s Day, three thugs pushed their way into a woman’s apartment in East Harlem.  The thugs used a stun gun on their 63-year-old victim and then robbed her of her jewelry.

This is not even the tip of the iceberg as far as the crime wave that has overtaken New York City, all of which points to the policies of Bill de Blasio whose policies have made it open season on seniors throughout the city.

The odds are that many of these crimes are either going unreported or swept under the rug by the de Blasio administration.