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Tell you what ladies and gentlemen and I haven’t said this like other said Christian conservative purest have on national television and radio shows, you still fooling around with what the GOP front-runner Donald Trump has won and there will be consequences and repercussions, the likes of you have not seen before.


It’s one thing to do this behind closed doors, but you are blatantly doing this in public daring the voters to revolt. I hope you realize, the American voter who voted for Trump is not a automatic for the GOP establishment if they steal votes. You would think they knew this already, but they seem to want that fact to escape them their realm of reality.

From Newsmax:

Donald Trump’s campaign says the Tennessee Republican Party is stopping delegates who support him from being a part of the state’s’ convention delegation, adding to the complaints it voiced about Louisiana after rival candidate Ted Cruz won the most delegates there while losing the primary election.

“They’re picking anti-Trump people,” Darren Morris, the state director of Trump’s Tennessee campaign, told The Tennessean

“They’re picking establishment picks who don’t support Donald Trump, and it’s just the same effort that they’re conducting all over the country to steal a vote here, steal a delegate there, to affect the outcome of the convention in July and take the nomination away from Donald Trump,” Morris continued.

Morris said he and and Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Ryan Hayes agreed Wednesday on seven of the 14 at-large delegates that are to be appointed to the state’s delegation to the convention, but when he got a list of names later in the week, the delegates they agreed on were replaced by “anti-Trump” names[…]

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Everyday, the GOP gets that much closer to committing hara-kiri. One of the final tweets in the above article reads as follows:


But the media, GOPe in collusion with their golden boy for the moment, so-called Constitutionalist Ted Cruz, pundits and Cruzbots continue to work overtime to create distractions to ensure that a shroud over this remains in place long enough for them to achieve their endgame.

There is no forgiveness and no return from the treatment and level of contempt that the Republican Party has shown Donald Trump and his supporters. One need not be a Trump supporter to grasp that what is transpiring is unlawful. There needs to be accountability. Please help get this out.