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Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Hillary Clinton State Department Google

Google apparently works for the White House.

They are the people who have unparalleled access to all our information, communications and our lives. They have tremendous power and Hillary was employing them in an effort to overthrow Assad. We are now finding this out after we just learned that the Google overlord is advising the military on how to improve its practices, establishing unique and inappropriate ties with government.

According to a Hillary email, the tech giant wanted to visually map those defecting from Assad. Google ideas chief Jared Cohen came up with the idea. He left the State Department for Google’s think tank in 2010.

Did you notice how all these companies, including the media, share employees with the government?

This is the stuff of fiction but in this day and age of dictatorial government agencies, out of control leaders and corrupt crony corporations, it’s reality. A new Hillary Clinton email shows that Google coordinated with the State Department to overthrow Bashar al-Assad in Syria[…]

Anyone not creeped out about this is not paying attention.