screenshot of chicago man looking for a place to duck and cover while live streaming on facebook and shooter


In follow up to an earlier post, Chicago police have confirmed that the man shot in broad daylight the other day while live streaming on Facebook may have been shot in retaliation of a 2009-second degree murder conviction and have expressed concerns that the shooting may have been gang related.

The man who was in Chicago to visit his mother received a phone call from a friend who arranged to meet up with the individual at the corner of Hoyne Street.

Shot several times in the face, back, stomach and legs, the convicted murderer is presently on a ventilator.  The man’s name has not been released.

Chicago Tribune

…The mother said that shortly before the shooting Thursday, her son met up with her at a gas station not far from the corner store. He was visiting from out of town, she said. At some point, her son got a phone call from a friend and agreed to meet him around the corner on Hoyne.

Outside the store, her son began “live chatting” on his phone, streaming video of himself as he talked, the mother said.

The dramatic video starts with the man holding the camera toward himself, with the convenience store in the background. A young man is standing behind him.

Not long after the video starts, the man looks away and drops the phone. Shots ring out. The man appears to take a few steps while the shooting continues and drops the phone, but the camera continues to roll, facing skyward….

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